Top 7 AI Writing Tools You Should Use in 2024 (Paid and Free)

Here are the top AI writing tools you should use in 2024.

Newsflash, writers! Writing is getting a revamp this year. Gone are the days when you have to rack your brain and come up with catchy titles, punchy one-liners, and attention-grabbing content. 

You’ve got AI software now–and for better or worse, they might be here to stay. 

So whether you’re a full-length content writer, a social media marketer, or even an up-and-coming content creator, you’ve got to brace yourselves. 

And for people who want to use AI writing assistants to their advantage, this list is a must-read. 


7. Rytr

If there’s one thing that Rytr can do, it’s to create compelling copy for your product. The platform is good at writing pain points for users and coming up with a strong call to action.

It can write content for a variety of cases, such as website copy, job descriptions, blogs, and email templates, among others. Need to sound formal, preppy, or casual? Rytr can write to up to 20 tones!

Plus, it’s also handy if you want to boost your SEO. The platform is quite adept at creating meta descriptions and generating keywords.

Price: Free and paid plans available. 


6. Anyword

If you want a paid version, on the other hand, here’s Anyword. It works similarly to other AI writing tools, helping you with writing tasks like blogs, product listings, landing page copy, and more. 

Find keyword research too hassle? They can create descriptions for your Google Search ads and craft social media ads following copywriting formulas. 

But we think what really takes the cake is their Copy Intelligence functions, which can analyze your existing content and reframe the angles to optimize your content. 

Price: They don’t have a free plan. The entry-level plan starts at $39 per month billed yearly.  


5. Hypotenuse AI

Here’s another top-notch AI writing tool that can take your marketing to the next level. One of the pitfalls of using AI writing tools is that they sometimes make up information and display it as factual. 

And…nobody wants that. Hypotenuse AI offers a Content Detective feature that helps you research up-to-date content from the web, making it easier for you to double-check information when writing blogs. 

Oh, and another thing. If you want to increase your productivity, Hypotenuse AI has a handy batch generation tool that can create product descriptions, SEO copy, and more!

Price: Hypotenuse AI doesn’t have a free plan and costs $15 a month per user. 


4. Hemingway Editor

Good writing isn’t just about telling stories. It’s also about creating beautiful sentence structures that can keep your reader engaged. And for most people, that means writing sentences of various lengths. 

Hemingway is a great tool that can help your writing to flow better. It encourages users to write in a variety of sentence lengths for maximum readability. 

If you want to make your copy simple and clean, then this tool is a must-have. 

Price: Hemingway is free to use.


3. Grammarly

Grammarly is a powerful tool that can help you quickly fix punctuation errors and grammatical mistakes. Add them to your browser extension, and they can even correct emails, social media captions, essays–anything written on your device! 

Besides screening your copy for basic grammar and punctuation errors, Grammarly is also extremely handy to make your content more powerful. Need to make things more concise? They can shorten your copy for brevity. 

Price: Grammarly has a free plan, but their Premium version costs $12 a month when billed yearly. 



top ai writing tools

Need to set up your content strategy for the next quarter? There’s that can help you with that. Apart from being adept at brainstorming ideas, it can also help you craft outlines to refine your work. 

Plus, the platform has a built-in content analytics tool and content templates to help you optimize your work. Yes, it can even optimize existing work to boost SERP results! 

Price: The platform doesn’t have a free version and a Solo plan starts at $14.99 per month.



top ai writing tools

Creative block happens to everyone…and it sucks! But AI tools are really great for refilling your creative juices and giving you ideas for your next project., for instance, is really a solid tool that helps breathe new ideas into your marketing copy. 

We think it’s best for copywriters and social media managers who want an extra hand in creating blog sections, promotional ads, social media bios, and seasonal copy. 

Price: has a free plan, but their Pro plan starts at $49 per month. 


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