Top Best Logos Ever Made

In this blog, we try our best to round up the best logos ever made. 

There are many designers out here today who are trying to make a name for themselves in the logo and branding industry. 

But plot twist! It’s not an easy industry to make a name for yourself especially when there are a lot of brilliant designers out there who also make powerful visuals. 

To improve your graphic design journey, we’ve listed some of the most engaging visuals that have come out from 2000 and beyond. And to the small business owners or managers reading this, maybe you can get an inspiration or two. 

Here are the 12 best logos ever made!


1. Discord

This list would only be complete with an ode to some social sites. We love the Instagram and Facebook (Meta) logo as much as the next person. 

But, we think the DIscord logo might be a little underrated.


2. FIFA World Cup 2026

When it comes to logos, we notice that the FIFA World Cup’s logos are always the most searched ones on the web. 

And we can’t blame you, they always look fleshed out and widely popular, making them one of the more cool logos out there.  


3. Spotify

Music lovers, is there anything else more satisfying than listening to music while you work? Maybe that’s why the Spotify logo (and its green color scheme) is so iconic for most of us.


4. Penguin Books

When it comes to old-school charm, Penguin shines the brightest. While the logo has gone through some redesigns, it always retained its signature penguin. 

And we think the latest version is a great way to pay homage to their history while keeping up with the times.   


5. Japan Airlines

Some of the best logos don’t need a lot of flair–just symbols. Like the Japan Airlines logo!

Apart from their color palette (which mimics the Japanese flag), we also like how the crane symbol is so recognizable. Cranes are said to symbolize peace, luck, and longevity in the country. 

It’s such a cool logo for an airline brand.


6. Dove

Simple, straightforward, and elegant. That’s the best way to describe Dove’s logo and its general brand personality. 

Their clean sleek look and soft branding make for an unforgettable brand logo. 


7. ING

More than the lion icon, we think what makes the ING logo so good is its color combination. Who would have thought that navy blue and orange would make such a striking combination? More than that though, this logo also pays homage to the company’s Dutch roots. 

For one, orange is the national color of the Netherlands. Oh, and the lion is their national symbol. 


8. Comme des Garcons

Ah, Comme des Garcons. One of the original ‘if you know, you know’ brands that have hit the mainstream. 

Don’t be surprised if you see this heart-shaped logo while walking around, it’s a beloved icon for people–even those who don’t operate in the fashion industry. 


9. Metallica

Seeing the Metallica logo is just pure nostalgia for many millennials out there. But still, we love how their edgy wordmark stood the test of time. 

Overall, it’s an awesome graphic design example of wordmarks done right.


10. Museu Moderno

Museums have some of the most creative opportunities to make a truly creative logo. And Museo Moderno truly delivered!

We love the wavy motif that carries throughout the whole logo design. Definitely, something we’d like to see more of.


11. Jollibee

There are tons of fast-food mascots out there, but Jollibee is certainly the rising star. Apart from its giant smile, we love how most of Jollibee’s branding is in the name. 

Since their mascot is literally…a jolly bee. Animal logos…genuis. 


12. Bratz

We might be seeing more Bratz soon. Coming off at the heels of the blockbuster ‘Barbie’ movie, there’s a lot of talk going on about how we’ll have a toy multiverse soon. 

But anyway, we want to pay a quick tribute to the Bratz logo. It’s big, bold, and feminine–a design trend that we’ll probably see more of this year. 

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