Top Most Creative Posters Ever Made (Vintage Edition)

Looking for the most creative posters? We’re sharing the top 20 best-looking posters we’ve seen around!


We all love good visual eye candy. Before we were glued to our tiny screens, we got to experience the raw art of poster-making. And truly, there have been eras where certain art trends dominated the space. 

So on and so forth…

But wait! First things first, what are the different kinds of posters out there? 

  • Movie posters
  • Promotional posters
  • Informational posters
  • Event posters

But this list is special, we’re featuring some iconic vintage posters you probably haven’t seen before. 


1. Blue Note International Jazz Center, 1960

This gorgeous event poster designed by Hans-Jürgen Spohn was created at the advent of contemporary jazz in the 60s. We like how the abstract visuals of this poster speak for itself.


2. IDCNY Welcomes the AIA Convention, 1988

We like our abstract poster here, and we especially like how the lettering is combined with the artistic layout for this convention poster by Massimo Vignelli.

The minimal yet strong color palette also drives home the central message of the piece.


3. Spring in Switzerland (1945)

When it comes to tourism campaigns, we’re probably more used to seeing promotional videos rather than static media.

But there’s a certain charm and delicacy to this travel poster illustrated by Donald Brun features Swiss spring flowers, a cherub-like lamb, and a gorgeous backdrop of a dreamy landscape.


4. Super Fly (1972)

Meanwhile, this Superfly poster by Tom Jung is definitely checking all our 70s groovy vibes. The retro lettering, the bold pink color combinations, and the car illustration give this a vintage yet timeless vibe.

Plus, take a look at that sweet detail in the background!


5. United Nations Day

When it comes to event-day campaigns, the best messages are often the most simple ones. And that’s why this Peace Works poster by Milton Glase works.

Look closely, and you’ll notice that the pictures aren’t just random gestures—they’re actually doves!


6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

This musical poster for the Rocky Horror Picture Show by Art Chantry stands the test of time with its kitsch and magazine cutting type of aesthetic. In particular, we like how the bright pink and yellows highlight and exaggerate certain details integral to the production.


7. Revue (1941)

It’s rare to see this kind of aesthetic on most brand campaigns today, which makes this Revue ad by Eric de Coulon so memorable and worthwhile.

de Coulon was an illustrator and colorist who frequently worked on travel posters, and his signature combo of lettering and product pictures is something we’d like to see come back into current rotation.


8. MacBeth (1990s)

The minimalism trend never left us. And this MacBeth promotional poster by Pierre Mendell shows us why. We like the subtle execution of the blood droplets—but this design worked best because of the absence of other elements.

Including only the blood drops makes the context more haunted and chilling.


9. Marihuana (1936)

Give us a campy-looking movie poster, and we’re ready to give it its flowers. This Marihuana film poster (it was directed by Dwain Esper) is big, bold, and raunchy.

And we also like how the poster included certain plot elements in the mix.


10. Osram (before 1914)

This Osram lightbulb ad created by Lucian Bernhard created before 1914 stands out for a few reasons. First, it’s simplicity. The product speaks for itself. Second, we’re liking the coarse lettering of the main brand, and the general rustic nature of the poster.

The small details (the reflection of the colors in the glass bulb) round off this design well.


The lowdown

We’ve come a long way since the creation of many of the posters on this list. But one thing’s for sure, these designs are still inspiring countless brands and artists today!

And still, there’s nothing that can get your attention more these days than an immaculately made poster. Whether it’s for a new art fair, a music festival, or just a new product announcement. 


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