Why an Unlimited Graphic Design Service is Important for Online Businesses

Because of the economic crisis brought upon by the global economy brought about the current situation, eCommerce has become one of the industries that saw a rise in potential. With more people starting online businesses and pioneering eCommerce platforms dramatically expanding online, allocating a budget for graphic designs is important to keep up with the rapid growth. Here are 5 reasons why investing in a design service can help your online business.


5 Reasons Why Unlimited Graphic Design is Important to Invest in for Online Businesses


1. Helps Increase Website Traffic 

Why graphic design is important for online businesses - DotYeti Blog

Graphic design is important to attract an audience. Whether it’s through a website, a business card, or food packaging at the grocery store, we are naturally attracted to designs that are well executed. 

If your website design has great and engaging graphics, it shows that you run a professional business that can be trusted.  But if your website looks sloppy and disorganized, it is often avoided by consumers. You would need a service that can provide versatile services for any type of online design. 


2. Builds Business Relationships 

One way online businesses succeed is through affiliate marketing. Forming symbiotic relationships with other online businesses can help skyrocket your growth as a platform and brand. 

But sponsors don’t just throw their money at any business they can find online. They will need to examine your online presence to see if you are worth working with. Your website and social media is the first impression they have. And if it is subpar, they won’t feel compelled to invest in you. 

Design services provide expertly crafted web designs and promotional materials that will get you the right impression you need to catch attention.


3. Produces Shareable Content

Why graphic design is important for online businesses - DotYeti Blog

Creating shareable content helps expand brand awareness by creating a buzz on social media. Marketing teams understood that in order for their business to be the talk of the town and increase their sales, their content needs to be shareable. 

75% of online businesses claim their traffic grew by creating engaging visuals that their audience can relate to. Making shareable content that prompts the interest of your audience will compel them to share the information to their peers if they feel confident in it resulting in a digital word-of-mouth activity. This will promote your brand to a wider audience with each share. 


4. Effectively Promotes Products and Services 

Marketers strategically create effective promotional pitches that graphic designers bring to life by creating social media banners or animated videos that express emotions through colors, fonts, and extra elements to entice consumers to purchase. 

Other marketing collaterals you can use: 

  • Email Templates 
  • Newsletters 
  • Infographics 
  • Posters 
  • White Paper
  • Product Catalog 
  • eBook 
  • Business Presentations and Proposals


5. Graphics Speak Louder Than Words 

Why graphic design is important for online businesses - DotYeti Blog

Without amazing graphics, online businesses won’t thrive in a highly visual and technical era. Digital marketing has changed throughout the years and marketers have to work twice as hard to be noticed by their audience. 

There are millions of online businesses out there. In order to be noticed, unique graphic designs are utilized more often to earn positive feedback. Investing in personalized graphic designs will benefit your business as this makes customers feel like they are interacting with a human being instead of an automated machine. It also shows a glimpse of your brand’s character and professionalism which are a few deciding factors for every customer. 


Unlimited Design with DotYeti 

We know that running a business online isn’t easy to do on your own. That is why you need to lessen your workload by hiring an unlimited design service to take care of your graphic needs for you. DotYeti is a subscription service that will take care of your creative work needs at an affordable rate. Feel free to visit our pricing page to choose the best package that suits your budget.  



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