7 Women Type Designers You Need To Know

Type designers are an integral part of the design world, working hand in hand with graphic designers to create visually appealing and effective designs. These designers specialize in the creation of typefaces and fonts, which are essential elements of any design project.

We’re rounding up some of the most influential female type designers today and talk about their influential works.

What Do Type Designers Do?

Type designers are responsible for creating custom fonts and typefaces for use in various design projects. They work with graphic designers, marketing teams, and other creative professionals to develop fonts that align with the brand’s overall aesthetic and messaging.

The type designer’s primary goal is to create a font that is unique, legible, and visually appealing.

How Custom Type Is Created

The process of creating a custom font typically involves several stages. However, it will typically start by sketching out the basic shapes and structures of the font. Once they have a rough idea of the design, they will create digital versions of the font using specialized software.

The designer will then refine the font’s details, including the spacing between letters and the overall weight and style of the typeface.

Type designers play an essential role in the design process. Without their expertise, graphic designers would be limited to using pre-existing fonts, which can limit the creativity and uniqueness of their designs.

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7 Women Type Designers Dominating the Field

1. Sara Soskolne

One of Sara Soskolne’s most well-known typeface designs is called “Gotham” It is a sans-serif typeface that features a clean, geometric design with a large x-height and open apertures, making it easily readable in both print and digital applications.

Soskolne created this in collaboration with Tobias Frer-Jones and Jesse Ragan.


2. Laura Worthington

Laura Worthington has designed a number of popular script typefaces, such as “Adorn” and “Alana.” “Adorn” features ornate, hand-drawn letterforms that give it a whimsical, vintage feel. “Alana,” on the other hand, is a more elegant and refined script with a calligraphic touch.

3. Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is known for her unique and playful typeface designs, such as “Buttermilk,” a fun and quirky script with lots of personality. It is a great holiday font with a whimsical concept that’s great for special events such as weddings and first birthdays.

4. Veronika Burian

Veronika Burian co-founded the type foundry TypeTogether, which has released a number of successful typefaces, including “Bree,” a versatile sans-serif typeface with a friendly, approachable design. Another popular typeface of hers is “Adelle,” a serif font that combines classic elements with modern design features.

Her works with Jose Scaglione, co-founder of Type Together, are suitable for editorial and commercial use.

5. Laura Meseguer

Laura Meseguer’s typeface designs often feature unique, hand-drawn letterforms with a lot of character. “Lavigne” is a great example of this, with its playful, curvaceous forms that give it a fun, friendly feel. “Solis” is another popular typeface of hers, featuring a bold, condensed design that is perfect for headlines and display use.

6. Alli Cunanan

Alli Cunanan is known for her bold and impactful typeface designs, such as “Ladybird” a contemporary sans-serif font with a geometric design and unique letterforms that make it stand out. “Roma Serif” is another popular typeface of hers, featuring a mix of sharp angles and soft curves for a modern renaissance look.

7. Louise Fili

Louise Fili is a renowned type designer and graphic artist known for her elegant and sophisticated typography. She has designed countless book jackets, food packaging, restaurant identities, and signage for clients such as Tiffany & Co., Good Housekeeping, and Williams-Sonoma. Her most famous work is called Marseille.

Fili’s work is heavily influenced by Italian Art Deco and her background in Italy. Her use of ornate typefaces, bold colors, and delicate illustrations give her designs a distinctively vintage feel while still remaining modern and timeless.


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