Yeti Feature: How to Hire the Best Design Team

Curious about how to hire the best design team?

A successful company needs a team of diverse individuals with skills that complement each other—and a design team is crucial to a business’s success

That’s because designers ensure that your brand is represented in the best possible way. In addition, they are instrumental in coming up with new creative ideas that you may not have thought of on your own.

Fast forward to the hiring process, what do you look for in a design team? In this article, we’ve gathered some insights from DotYeti’s HR department


The Yetis behind DotYeti’s Creative Empire

Meet Marc Bernardino and Kris Tolentino, the talented duo who are beyond experienced when it comes to assembling efficient design teams.

hiring a design team

About Marc: The Human Resource Manager

Marc is a psychology graduate from the Philippines and is currently finishing his master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at De La Salle University.

In total, his experience in the HR industry spans 5 years. He is constantly attending webinars and training to ensure that he is always on the right track in HR processes.

At DotYeti, his responsibilities include recruitment, compensation and benefits discussion, training, and organizational development. His work is to build cooperation between the workforce and the management to be able to achieve a common goal. 

About Kris: The Human Resource Specialist

Kris is a Human Resource Specialist from the Philippines and she has been working in the industry for 4 years. DotYeti was able to accommodate her working needs by offering her a work-from-home setup.

Engaging and communicating with other people is a job that demands one’s skills to be always relevant. So to stay up to date with her field, she watches HR-related educational videos online and maximizes free resources from online courses like Coursera and LinkedIn.

Her tasks as an HR specialist are to source, schedule, and interview potential candidates. She is also involved in the assessments of candidates, updating job descriptions, and onboarding new workers.


Hiring the Perfect Design Team

If you want to know how to hire the best design team, it’s all in evaluating potential candidates. According to Kris and Marc, here’s what they do to keep our graphic design agency populated with awesome designers:

The Recruitment Process

  • Sourcing 
  • Invitation for initial interview 
  • Initial Interview  
  • Assessment 
  • Second-level interview (for higher positions) 
  • Final Interview  
  • Draft Offer  
  • Decision 
  • Final Offer

Qualities to look for in Candidates

  • Resumes and portfolios are updated, organized, and exhibit design prowess
  • Candidate’s values should align with DotYeti’s values 
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good attitude towards work
  • Flawless reports from references
  • Should be dependable in times of need
  • Trustworthy
  • Possesses integrity

Red Flags to avoid

  • Several full-time commitments
  • A history of job-hopping
  • Negative attitude towards criticism
  • Inability to define a timeline


Keeping a Healthy Environment for Yetis

Creatives are a tricky bunch to deal with. But if you approach them the right way, they’ll be completely immersed in their creative element

The key is to respect their individual quirks and not only see them as a piece of the process because without it, we’re all at a loss. Here are some food for thought from Marc:

“HR is a very challenging field to explore. Here, you have the opportunity to create a more diverse and equitable workplace for everyone. 

On the other hand, most employees see HR people as someone who only cares about the management, but that’s not true. HR is always keeping the equilibrium in the workplace

Even though we have a strong understanding of the organization’s priorities and challenges, we always make sure that the employees are also taken into consideration at every step of the way.

Always remember that HR has a big impact on the professional development of the employees. It is a rewarding opportunity to improve the organization as a whole and the individual employees I work with.”


Get Unlimited Designs with DotYeti

Are you in need of a design team ASAP? Marc and Kris already have the perfect team for you!

The two of them are artists when it comes to assembling a creative team—and our success as a company is thanks to their genius! Visit the DotYeti portfolio and case studies to see how our fantastic design platform has helped our clients make a difference. 

Sign up now to get access to unlimited graphic designs today!

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