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As an agency or marketer monthly reporting can be quite a tedious task. You most likely did not get into this industry to create reports the whole day. But, if you are successful in what you do, you’ll know that reporting is essential to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. A simple yet functional template seems easy, but as you might know, it takes a lot of time to create and refine your KPIs Overview. Well…we did the hard part for you! 

  • Track monthly growth of your leads, traffic, likes and engagement.
  • ✔Accurately see which channels are performing best.
  • ✔Tailored to measure the performance of Social Media, Google, Website, and Email channels.
  • Easy-to-use worksheet, directly presentable to your client or boss.
  • ✔Data collected is fundamentally important for the overall marketing strategy.

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FREE Digital Marketing KPIs Template

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This ready-to-use template will help your team with making a decision or coming to an important conclusion easier and faster. It will allow you to visually see and compare all your campaign performance so you know which ones to spend your time, effort and money on. Remember, this Monthly KPI Overview is just collected data, but it is a highly valuable process if used and crafted properly.

Creating a new monthly report is time-consuming. No worries.

Creating an accurate and easily understood marketing report can be… well, stressful. From starting with raw numbers to figuring out which information is relevant, extracting the most important insights is no easy task. You could spend weeks on Excel and even after getting all the right data in there, you then have to make it presentable and easy on the eyes. With our template, finally no more!

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