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As an agency or marketer you have a lot of designs and marketing campaigns to handle. The entire design process can be tied up because every design type, from social ads to print media, has its unique effective anatomy.

With years creating stunning designs for thousands of campaigns and tracking the numbers, we’ve identified the most effective ad anatomy for Facebook’s platform. Our ads have been proven to drive up engagement and now, you have the opportunity to grab our e-book and master this process yourself!

  • The most effective anatomy for best performing Facebook ads
  • Know exactly what to include and where
  • Key pointers for images
  • Backed by data from thousands of campaigns

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FREE Facebook Ad Anatomy e-book

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This e-book is packed with useful tips & tricks that we’ve learned only after years of ad design & campaign performance, and seeing the data ourselves. It lists out in clear, concise detail how each component must serve its purpose to guarantee maximum engagement & conversion. With our free guide your ads will no longer be lost in the sea of online content. Now, you can stand out from the rest, claim the advertising spotlight and execute your own successful Facebook marketing campaigns.

Creating social media content can be time-consuming and frustrating

We know that it can be frustrating to keep up with the demand for effective online content. You’ve tried out different designs but none of them seem to reach the KPIs you were targeting. We’ve got you covered. With this free e-book, you can finally tick off all the elements needed to create the most effective Facebook ad. Just follow our battle-tested and proven ad anatomy. It’s time to unleash your full creative potential and watch those KPIs lift off.

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