There’s no “I” in team

Working together to shape the future
of remote working

We love what we do… is the most creative, on-demand unlimited
graphic design platform for a flat monthly fee.

From (re)branding, logos to social media posts, ads, animations,
print media, and much more. has made it
cheaper and faster to achieve every kind of creative need
for every kind of business. Founded in 2020, DotYeti is
still a young company, but has the vision to make remote
work accessible & affordable.

The DotYeti Story

DotYeti found her roots from a result-driven digital agency.
The founders experienced that their clients were more than ever in need of creatives, but the process of producing high-quality graphic design was expensive, slow, and inefficient. It was time to step up the game.

Our goal became to support and take over all the graphic design needs for SMEs, agencies, and other marketing teams. We developed the DotYeti platform to structure and automate the design flow. Moreover, we provide a personal,
creative team to ensure high-quality designs that match the client’s branding. This resulted in a highly efficient, yet simple way to produce any kind of graphic design. On top of all, able to keep the price very affordable.

From the start, DotYeti is backed by a vastly growing team consisting of the most creative talents in the space and supports dozens of companies with an international presence such as UnionBank, the Hive, and more.
DotYeti is continuously growing and takes pride in her high standard providing top-notch service & amazingly creative output while conveying the feeling of joy in every aspect of the business. This is among the team, to our clients, as well in every design that you will see.

Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together.

– Vincent van Gogh

Our Mission & Vision

DotYeti is set to shape the future of remote working. Our mission is to create a platform, through which working remotely becomes efficient, transparent & affordable. We see a world where we can provide opportunities for any skilled professional and make it easily accessible for employers anywhere on the planet. On its go-to platform, DotYeti aims for a fair distribution of capital and rewards in a transparent way to make sure that everyone will equally benefit.

Our Values


We deliver nothing, but the most creative experience. Whether it comes to design, our platform or our people, we make sure that we will spark and inspire you along the way.


We treat our customers with love and care. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty to help you out in need and will always try to see things from your point of view.


We are focused on practical and pragmatic solutions to make sure that we can deliver fast and effectively all your needs. We have one of the quickest turnarounds in the industry.


From top to bottom, we want you to enjoy and feel our world-class service more than anything else. We take great pleasure in making sure you feel joy working with us and seeing it return in every single project.

Our Purpose

Providing a meaningful and productive connection between the supply & demand in the global environment, by providing only but the best highly-trained talents. 🎯

Our Commitment

Providing joy everywhere you go When it comes to design, people, the platform or our culture. We will make sure that we will turn your 😐 into a 😄.

Our Promise

Going for that extra mile We know that business life. We are eager to assist you in growing you business as it should. 💙