5 Promotional Materials Every Social Media Marketer Should Be Making

Social media graphic design plays an important role in creating promotional material for any brand. Not only does the good design reflect the company’s level of professionalism and integrity, but it also plays a role in drawing the audience’s attention and increasing engagement. 

An essential part of social media marketing is determining what type of collateral should be used to spread a certain message. Not all posts should be static images, and at the same time, not all ads should be videos. That is why it is necessary to know what function these materials possess and in what way can they be designed in order to get the results you want. Here are the must-post materials every social media marketer should be making.  

The Social Media Graphic Design Material Checklist

1. Videos

video - social media graphic design

Main Purpose: Advertising and Customer Service

The internet is a highly visual medium, which is why videos are a highly popular marketing material. In fact, studies have shown that 76 percent of consumers are convinced to buy products after watching a video on them. Therefore, reserve this type of promotional material for ads. This is because quality videos take time to make and it would be a waste of an opportunity to post them constantly without a return of investment. 

If the company is a service provider, then instructional videos will be a great way to assist customers. Explainer animations do a much better job in providing help than infographics.


2. GIFs 

Main Purpose: Engagement and Advertising

GIFs bring static images to life and provide just enough attention-grab as a “story” on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They are less work than a full-on video, which makes them great collaterals for a social media campaign for online engagement. 



3. Distinguishable Profile Pictures

profile pictures - social media graphic design

Main Purpose: Brand Awareness 

The absence of a profile picture in any of the social media platforms is an obvious sign to customers that the brand is either inactive or possibly a scam. A profile image of the company logo will do fine, but there’s a small chance that it will stand out, especially if the brand is new and the logo is still not prominent enough. That is why it is important to have logo variants for different platforms. Same logo, slightly different design. It breaks away from the monotony and still remains recognizable enough for people to know it’s the same brand and company.


4. On-brand Icons

icons social media graphic design

Main Purpose: Brand Unity 

In order to keep up an online brand identity alive, there needs to be a sense of unity in all that you post. Slapping a logo onto a stock image photo is just not going to cut it. Posts and icons should follow a certain aesthetic that is recognizable to the brand. Materials should be designed in such a way that clearly fits the brand, appeals to the target audience, and helps stand out from the competition online. 

You can utilize brand icons in buffer posts (posts that break away from the heavy promotion) and Highlight Cover images. 


5. Custom Illustrations

Main Purpose: Holidays and Special Events 

Holiday season materials need their own special design to take advantage of the sales opportunities. Custom Illustrations are a charming way to excite your followers and make great shareable content.

Unlimited Social Media Graphic Design 

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