Why Videos and Animations Are an Important Part of Your Marketing Campaign and Tips & Tools on Implementing Them

Using videos and animations for marketing campaign to capture your target audience’s attention more effectively than text posts. It also keeps audiences engaged a lot longer than an image that they’ll glance at for a few seconds. This is because videos can stimulate two senses at once—the sense of sight and hearing.

Vying for your customer’s attention is a tough battle. In the digital age, your customers are constantly bombarded with different content once they connect to the internet. It’s so easy for your own marketing content to get lost in the void of the world wide web. Don’t let your marketing efforts go to waste by making sure it stands out from your competitors. Consider incorporating animation content ideas to make your campaigns more dynamic and accessible.

Video and animated content are taking over the internet. According to Statista, there are over 3 billion digital video viewers all over the world. They are spread across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that billions of people can access and watch. As a result, more businesses are incorporating video and animated content into their marketing strategies to reach out to more audiences. If you aren’t one of them, then read on to find out why you need videos and animations in your marketing campaigns.

Benefits of animations and videos for your marketing campaign

Your audiences can experience content overload as they surf the internet. As a result, some don’t have the time to read text posts. What they want is something quick, digestible, and accessible. This is where videos and animations come in.

Another reason why animated videos are effective is that it provides you with more room to tell your brand’s story. You can use it to push the limits of your creativity by blending aspects of wordsmithing, graphics design, music, and production in one output. As a result, you can create more unique and interesting content for your marketing campaigns.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about how these videos can reach your audience. Nowadays, there are various online platforms that let you upload and share videos. Social media, for example, is a great place where you can show off your creations to the world. This is why various industries hire graphic designers to help them create animated video content for their marketing strategy.

Tips on how to implement video and animated content in your strategy

Implementing video and animated content into your marketing campaigns is easy, thanks to the various technologies available. Nonetheless, there are a few things you need to consider first to make sure that your videos and animations become effective. With that, here are some tips on how to effectively implement videos and animations into your campaigns.

1. Apply SEO strategy for your videos

Make sure that your videos and animations reach your intended audience by adopting a video SEO strategy. This will ensure that your content would show up in your customers’ searches on web browsers. Google, for example, offers videos as part of their search results based on keywords, URLs, titles, and tags.

Video SEO uses the same practices as an ordinary SEO strategy. Hence, all you need to do is apply the same techniques that you are using in your current SEO strategy. This includes: 

  • Creating catchy titles
  • Inserting popular keywords
  • Using the right tags
  • Embedding your video links in other related content
  • Choosing eye-catching thumbnails for your videos

Likewise, be mindful of the types of images you use for your videos to ensure high-quality web content. Search engines like Google consider the quality of your web content for search rankings.

2. Connect to social media

Social media platforms are great places where you can post and share your videos and animations. These channels support different types of video file formats, enabling them to play any videos without issues. But most importantly, it allows your customers to share your videos and spread them on the internet like wildfire. As a result, more people can know more about your brand.

Another popular animation marketing strategy is to use short-format videos like the ones in TikTok. These videos are usually under a minute long, making them easier to create, upload, and share. This allows you to frequently create content for your marketing campaign.

The best part is that it’s completely free to upload your videos on any social media site. So there’s nothing stopping you from connecting to social media for your marketing campaigns.


3. Optimize content for mobile devices

Smartphones are one of the most used devices nowadays. In fact, a study by Statista shows that global smartphone users finally reached 6.4 billion in 2021. Many use their smartphones to surf the internet and scroll through their social media. There’s a high possibility that they would end up watching your videos and animations through their smartphone screens.

Hence, it is important that you optimize your video and animated content for smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. This will ensure that they are playable and viewable. Otherwise, you can end up losing viewers for your video content in the process.

Another popular trend in video marketing is vertical videos. Through vertical videos, users don’t have to tilt their smartphones or tablets to watch the videos on full screen. Put simply, they can watch the videos vertically instead of horizontally.

Marketing Campaign

4. Personalize video and animation content for Marketing Campaign

Stand out from other marketing animations by personalizing your video and animation content based on your branding. Don’t just settle for generic trends that you find on the internet. Figure out how best you can showcase your brand identity using your videos. This includes the color scheme, font style, logos, music, and even topic. All these elements must showcase the uniqueness of your brand.

Hence, many businesses prefer using animated video content over stock videos or images. With animations, you can create different characters and designs from other videos you find on the internet. You can even say that the video is truly and uniquely yours. This helps you stand out from other brands and competitors.

You can also leverage data and analytics to help you determine what type of video content works best for your target audience. By knowing their preferences and behaviors, you can customize your video content that’s more appealing to them.

5. Outsource your video creation

Nowadays, there are various video-editing programs that allow you to create your own videos and animations. Some can even make use of video conferencing software to create simple marketing videos online. While most of these programs are designed for beginners and those without experience in video-making, it would still take some time to master them.

Instead of investing in software, you can outsource the task to experts. One option is to hire freelancers. But the downside to freelancers is that they’re not really suited for long-term projects. Hence, a better option is to partner with a third-party design service provider. A good example is DotYeti.com. 

With DotYeti.com, all you have to do is submit a request and let their designers start working on your video. Simply instruct them on what you want to see in your video, provide revisions, and receive the finished product. It’s just that easy!

Keep your marketing campaign animated

Video and animation content is taking over the internet. Almost all channels on the internet nowadays support video-streaming of some kind. Not to mention, even mobile apps support video files. So take advantage of this trend and generate more leads by incorporating videos and animations into your marketing campaigns.

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