The 8 League of Legends Champions that Appear in Arcane

Ready to see all League of Legends champions that appear in Arcane? But with the many champions the game has, we can’t expect all of them to appear at once on the show.


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Seeing that the production of the show took almost 5 years to complete, you can expect the character illustrations—and backstories—to be amazing. The main storyline of the show is set in the twin cities of Piltover and Zaun, and revolves around a handful of iconic champions!

Read on to see the 8 champions that form the main cast of Arcane:


1. Vi

league of legends champions that appear in arcane

Most of us know Vi as the Piltover Enforcer and Caitlyn’s partner topside. However, we were never sure of her relation to Jinx before Riot design director Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street silenced rumors about the pair in 2017.

Riot Games has been notorious for developing game lore that is vague, which made religious champion story followers restless. In Jinx’s 2013 release, players noticed that her in-game splash art background mirrored a ruined version of Vi’s. This little easter egg caused quite the stir for a time, but since Arcane’s release—it was all worth it.

In the show itself, Vi kept her essence of being a hot-headed, no-nonsense, and impulsive character that does right in what she believes in. Apart from that, she is seen to be protective of Jinx. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’re en route to a journey that finds Vi in an undercity search for her estranged sister (and the origin of a pair of Atlas Gauntlets).


2. Jinx

league of legends champions that appear in arcane

Jinx is an all-time fan favorite for League of Legends players worldwide. She’s even the face of their mobile counterpart, Wild Rift.

Much like her sister Vi, Jinx is an impulsive character. Their main difference is unlike Vi, who somehow became an enforcer in PiltoverJinx grew up to be a manic criminal in Zaun with no regard for consequences whatsoever. 

Her story in Arcane sees her grapple with what she’s becoming and the conflict of holding her sister close to heart. We know Jinx as a chaotic force equipped with the deadliest weapons that come with the loudest noises and even more colorful explosions. 

But what really has people curious about her character is, ‘how did she go crazy?


3. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is the would-be Sheriff of Piltover. We’re saying this because Arcane explores Caitlyn’s life before taking responsibility to protect the citizens of Piltover. Fans want to see how Caitlyn copes with how her wealthy and influential parents contribute to the welfare of the city (and how it led to her more hands-on career choices in life).

Much like her character in-game, Caitlyn is a determined and intelligent investigator. Apart from that, she’s also extremely efficient with a rifle. 

Prior to watching the show, longtime fans are also aware that her partner-in-law is Vi. It’s good to note that the pair will be spending a lot of time together on the show to shed more light on their good cop/bad cop relationship.


4. Ekko

league of legends champions that appear in arcane

Ekko is the latest champion released on this list, but his character helped tie plenty of loose ends. Much like Vi and Jinx, Ekko grew up in Zaun and saw the world differently from those living in Piltover. The boy grew up as a skilled tinkerer and innovator, much like Jinx.

In the show, we see a glimpse of what Ekko’s childhood was like. We also got to see how he stood out from the rest of those that grew up in Zaun. The Boy Who Shattered Time earned himself a lot of hype for his performance in Arcane.


5. Jayce

league of legends champions that appear in arcane

Jayce is seen in Arcane as a modest and humble inventor, intent on improving life through the use of magic. Before he took his mantle as Piltover’s Defender, the show gives us an idea through the eyes of the man behind the hammer.

Arcane shows us what Jayce had to go through to convince such a conventional city that it needed further innovation. While his methods may come off as extreme, he was able to achieve greatness with a little help from higher powers and a good friend. 

With the tools he needed, Jayce went on a mission to clean Piltover through discovery, invention, and progress.


6. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger is known both in-game and in Arcane as one of Piltover’s most esteemed and brilliant inventors. However, there is quite the difference in how eccentric the professor is in-game compared to that of the show.

While Heimerdinger maintains his stance on how knowledge should be shared, his Arcane counterpart also believes in the dangers it could present. Arcane shows us how this yordle tries to guide a young Jayce on the dangers of handling magic for the use of all—even if it was for the intent to improve lives.


7. Viktor

Viktor was a pleasant surprise to Arcane’s casting, noting that he was not seen as much in the trailers like Ekko. Most of us know of him as a machine that feels indifference towards humanity’s flaws in the name of ‘glorious evolution’.

Arcane brought us an understanding of Viktor’s issues with human weakness. Viktor has the drive to bring humankind to its full potential. Some would say that he has a similar yet slanted view on how Jayce sees progress. Before we could ever explore his transformation from man to machine, Arcane leaned on Viktor’s humanity more.

Watching the show gives you a glimpse of when Viktor could feel, when emotions were heavier to him than results. This character coined one of the best quotes in the series “In pursuit of great, we failed to do good.

Viktor in Arcane is melancholic, reflective, and determined to improve life for those under hardships like him.


8. Singed

league of legends champions that appear in arcane

He is an alchemist equipped with unrivaled intelligence and questionable convictions on pushing boundaries between life and death. Singed plays a pivotal role in Arcane, despite not getting as much screen time as the prior characters.

Similar to his actual in-game lore, Singed used to be a revered scientist in Piltover. However, a superior did not approve of his unethical approaches towards science. He put himself in exile and found a home in the undercity of Zaun, free to experiment on any specimen.


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