Happy Birthday Blue Fella: DotYeti Celebrates its 1st Anniversary!

Well, it’s official. DotYeti is now a year old!

Can you believe that this fast-growing unlimited design subscription service that’s helped over a hundred brands worldwide has now only turned a year old? No joke here folks, our not-so-little blue guy is now officially 12 months in the biz, though our progress has made us one of the fastest-growing startups in 2020. 

Let’s take a look back at our year’s growth so far.

How We Started

creative team.jpg

DotYeti’s roots can be traced back to our mother company EOI Digital, a digital agency with a vision to innovate the landscape of digital marketing. Through experience, our leaders found that there were tons of clients that looked specifically for graphic design services more than other services they offered in the agency. They also just wanted great design work done faster without a contract weighing them down. 

That’s when the concept was conceived. This design subscription service was going to be a better alternative service to the typical in-house or freelancer debacle that some companies face. It’s creative work done fast, easy, and without any hidden fees or contracts.

The Birth of the Blue Mascot Yeti

yeti turn around_1.png

One of our first fully colored Yeti’s.

The team had an idea of creating a mascot behind the company, which would give the service a memorable edge and approachable nature to the fairly new service. The very first designs composed of other creatures like a panda or kiwi. Then, inspiration came in the shape of a toy the CEO had with him. It was a figure of a yeti from the online RPG League of Legends. And thus the yeti was designed and became the face of the company.


Brainstorming about which mascot will suit the concept the best.

long kiwi.pngpanda.png

Nunu Figurine PVC LOL - League of Legends Figure: Amazon.fr: Cuisine & Maison

The small figure that inspired us to come up with a yeti


Naming the Website

A graphic design subscription service like this needed a name (obviously). But instead of going the typical route of most design companies by literally adding the word ‘design’ in it, the team wanted something that rolled off the tongue better and had an element of design in it without coming off as too predictable. Words like ‘pixel’ came up, but let’s be honest ‘pixelyeti.com’ sounded too much like a Minecraft knock-off. Eventually, the name ‘DotYeti’ came along as a play on words. Here’s a basic dissection of its brilliance:

Dot = every great design starts with a dot. Yeti = our blue friend

Combine these two together to form a website domain name that roles out the tongue easy: dotyeti.com = ‘dotyeti-dot-com’


Growing the Team

The team wasn’t as big as it is now. Essentially, DotYeti started with a team of 4: two graphic designers (one speedy and one creative), one animator, and an art director. As more and more clients started to subscribe, the team began to expand quickly until designers were then split into two shifts with new art directors for the new shift on board. From a team of 4, DotYeti has now expanded into a team of more than 40 employees with more than half on the production side of the company.



Our Core Values

Besides being a better solution to creative work for brands out there, DotYeti also envisioned a culture where creatives can be themselves and nurture their abilities. While DotYeti does hire the best of the best, we also want to make sure that designers continue to grow with our core values:



Good design sparks joy in both creators and consumers. We wanted to make sure that every design we come up with will give that ‘wow’ factor that clients look for. At the same time, we built a culture where everyone spread positivity, even in these trying times.



We’d like to think that our great ideas stem from nurturing our creativity. Everyone is trained and encouraged to develop their eye in design in order to deliver stunning designs every time.



Wonder how we pump out great designs on such tight deadlines? The lead yetis have created a structure that helps every designer figure out how to work efficiently while still maintaining standard quality.



Our service provides customers with everything they need in terms of creative work. Communication with them is a priority and we ensure that they get exactly, if not, more than what they’re expecting. Our team also provides the same support to each other, making sure no one falls behind.

Why Work With DotYeti?

DotYeti launched its services in one of the most difficult years of the millennium, yet it continues to thrive as a service like no other. We provide a service that has helped out all sorts of online brands that need creative work done fast in an affordable price range. Moving forward, we fully intend to keep growing with our staff and clients alike. 

Hereby some of our work that we are really proud of!

Cheers to a year of success Blue Yetis!

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