15 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Melbourne

Brands looking to supercharge their campaigns are looking for the best digital marketing agencies in Melbourne. And that’s no surprise. Melbourne is a thriving city with plenty of growth opportunities. But to get your content in front of the right people, requires the expertise of the best digital marketing agencies in Melbourne. Not only do they provide bulletproof strategy, they also have deep knowledge of the local scene. This means your marketing campaigns won’t get lost into the digital void. Instead, the best digital marketing agencies in Melbourne are capable of driving all your KPIs. From engagement to sales revenue, they’ll help you grow your presence in Melbourne while staying true to your brand values.


However, there are a lot of agencies out there who claim to be experts in online marketing. Ultimately, the best digital marketing agencies in Melbourne give you the best value for money by combining innovation, customer service and experience.


Read on to find out who made it onto our top 15. 


15 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Melbourne


15.) Due North


As a search marketing agency, Due North’s engineers create campaigns that stand the test of time. Their mission is to collaborate with clients to achieve 25% year of year growth through strategic advice and timely execution. In addition, their team comes from a variety of backgrounds. They’ve already built and grown their own small businesses. And they are passionate about helping their clients leverage the power of online marketing to grow theirs. Whether you’re looking for help with search strategy, Google ads or content marketing Due North delivers results.


A few of the small businesses they’ve helped include Smartpay and Mr Cool. 


14.) Emote Digital


The team at Emote is their driving force. They are a tight knit community of specialists dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Campaigns that foster real connections are their strong point. Furthermore, the team members bring unique sets of skill and a commitment to transparent communication. Their areas of expertise include social advertising, SEO and content writing.


Finally, they’ve partnered with brands such as Baker’s Delight and Salt & Pepper to skyrocket sales. 


13.) The Walk Agency


In a crowded and rapidly changing marketplace, The Walk Agency helps your brand stand out. By delivering a flexible range of marketing activities the team ensures that your campaigns are effectively amplified. They’re a hive of creative geniuses who are dedicated to growing your online presence. They do this through the cycle of great marketing: insights, strategy and content. B2B marketing and email marketing are some of their specialties. The Walk Agency has experience working alongside enterprise marketers as well as growing brands.


Finally, a few of their clients include InstantScripts and Fronditha Care. 


12.) Avenue


Avenue builds beautifully branded and high performing websites and apps. By creating memorable user experiences they meaningfully increase conversion. The team goes the extra mile for clients. Through open, transparent communication Avenue strengthens your online brand and stays aligned with your style. They cover UX design and web and app development.


Finally, they’ve created custom digital product solutions for brands like Sculptfom and FrancoCrea.


11.) Rock Agency


This award-winning Melbourne digital agency is constantly innovating. Rock Agency believes in delivering a personalized customer experience. In addition building unique brand personalities that stand out results in valuable leads and sales. They fuse technology, media and content to create powerful campaigns with a refreshing flair. Web design and development and branding are a few of their highlighted services.


Finally, their clients include Hamish & Andy and RMIT.


10.) JTB Studios


If you’re looking for web design solutions and web marketing strategies, then JTB Studios is a reliable partner. They focus on creating efficient web designs that are highly converting. Furthermore, they apply visual design principles to build landing pages that highlight the correct information. Besides web design they also focus on user analytics and app design.


They’ve already transformed a few Australian brands including Liberty Financial and Urban Angles.


9.) Salt & Fuessel


Melbourne’s leading digital performance agency focuses on user experience and exceptional results. Salt & Fuessel turns complex ideas into a plan of action to boost your content across all online channels. They help clients create deeper connections and more meaningful solutions. In addition, they are experts at acquiring customers at the lowest possible cost. Organic social media content, SEM and email marketing are covered.


Finally, industry leaders such as Suzuki and Swisse trust them to turbocharge their digital results.


8.) Revium


Instead of forking over a fortune for a tier-one consulting firm, many iconic brands choose Revium. Their team has experience solving complex business challenges. They place the end customer at the heart of all their solutions in order to better connect. In addition, they deliver competitive advantage by staying agile and on top of trends. Finally, they are constantly optimising campaign performance to drive results.


They’ve used technology to help clients such as the Law Institute of Victoria and myDNA grow. 


7.) Concept Marketing


Concept Marketing helps clients get an edge over the competition through unified strategies that thrive together. They pride themselves on bringing a unique perspective to a marketing challenge. This way, they communicate your brand messaging in the most holistic way. In addition, they take your budget into account before creating a marketing strategy. All of their approaches involve measurable results. These can be constantly improved over time. Their services include advertising and PR.


Finally, they’ve partnered with brands such as Toms and Altitude Training.


6.) Zeemo


Zeemo is a boutique digital agency that crafts smart marketing campaigns for diverse clients. Their forward-thinking team drives better business performance through captivating the attention of target audiences. Furthermore, they mix tried and true techniques with fresh trends to broadcast your message. Ultimately, this gets you heard above the noise. Additionally, they focus on ecommerce store build, Google ads and PPC.


Their client list includes high-growth brands such as Bunjil Place and Supreme Caravans.


5.) Clearwater Agency


Clearwater Agency is a 5 star rated agency that amplifies your brand across all channels. And they empower target audiences to take action. They also offer a free discovery session to evaluate your current marketing strategy. The team is committed to becoming a trusted partner for your business. They are powered by data and fuelled by passion. Their services cover SEO, ecommerce marketing and Facebook advertising.


Finally, they’re proud to have supported clients such as FightMND and FoodStorm.


4.) Blank Theory


Blank Theory’s team of designers, developers and strategists love to inspire brands to grow. They look at your values in order to tell stories that amplify your unique selling points. Moreover, their mission is to bring new answers to old marketing problems. They turn exciting projects into real results that strengthens your presence in Melbourne. Their services cover web design, branding and video production.


Finally, Bargains Online and Bunyip Equipment are some of their treasured clients.


3.) Click Creative


Click Creative is a boutique digital agency that uses analysis and creatives to build your brand in the minds of consumers. Their team members come from all walks of life and find strength in their diversity. In addition, they stay ahead of digital trends to ensure that your voice is heard above the noise. And they have 24hr Australia-based support team. In this way, they overcome roadblocks and achieve results within tight timeframes. Their expertise lies in Google analytics, ecommerce and CMS creation. Finally, their portfolio is impressive.


They’ve worked closely with Red Debtor and Suzuki Marine to push their online marketing activities above the competition. 


2.) Bright Labs


Thriving on design and technology, Bright Labs is dedicated to growing your online business. From industry-leading websites to cost-effective marketing, they can meet all your digital marketing needs. They’re experts in paid marketing, newsletter and social media marketing. Cutting through the noise with rich content is also their forte. Their engaging videos and compelling writing help boost campaign performances.


Finally, they’ve partnered with HG Lawyers and Woolworths to seamlessly produce creative experiences.


1.) Onq Marketing


Onq Marketing helps ambitious businesses improve their organic growth rate. The team does this through content, SEO and marketing automation. Their clients get found and leads are quickly engaged. Strategic channel activation ensures that messaging is amplified and resonates. In addition, their unmatched creativity elevates your marketing through attention-grabbing designs. Web design, SEO and online advertising are all covered.


Finally, some of their happy clients include Sims Sports and Viva Physiotherapy.


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