15 Best Marketing Agencies in Amsterdam

There are many prominent marketing agencies in Amsterdam to choose from. The city is thriving with award-winning marketers who are deeply familiar with the latest strategies to get your campaigns noticed. In order to be successful here, your marketing must be ahead of the curve. Therefore, the best marketing agencies in Amsterdam are talented across all fields from digital marketing to SEO practices. 


Many brands view Amsterdam as a testing ground for their marketing strategies. This is because it’s one of the major European capitals. Also, it has strong ties to the region’s various business hubs. The best marketing agencies in Amsterdam will meaningfully amplify your business. 


We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 best marketing agencies in Amsterdam you can trust right here. 


15 best marketing agencies in Amsterdam


15. Marsmedia

As a digital marketing agency designed for growth, they’ll help you create a strategy that hits your targets and fits your budget. They also continuously optimizes your campaigns to ensure that your online visibility never falls behind. Whether you’re looking to level up your SEO or inbound marketing strategies, Marsmedia will get you the growth results your business deserves. 


Mission: To focus on the whole buyer journey to deliver qualified leads


Clients: Sunshower, Hotelgift, Expereo


Highlighted services:

  • Web design
  • Growth strategy
  • Brand identity



14. Dept Agency

Dept is a full service agency that unites technology, creativity and data to push campaigns forward. They leverage measurable data to find the right marketing channels for your campaign. Furthermore, they are creative storytellers who can strengthen your brand identity. They also offer services in customer experience design and IT architecture.  


Mission: To help clients accelerate their digital business by creating leading digital products and campaigns  


Clients: Beats by Dre, Patagonia, Adidas


Highlighted services:

  • CX & Design
  • Performance marketing
  • Tech & Engineering



13. Digitas

If you’re looking for a recognizable name on our list, then Digitas will fit the bill. They’re a global marketing agency with an office in Amsterdam who help clients reach their most optimistic outcomes. Their team of technologists and media specialist can expertly identify actionable insights. Afterwards, they create memorable experiences for different target audiences. In addition, they provide e-commerce solutions and even virtual reality products. 


Mission: A connected marketing agency that acts on truths to help brands better connect with people. 


Clients: Audi, Royal FloraHolland, Fleurametz


Highlighted services:

  • Virtual reality products
  • e-commerce solutions
  • Connected marketing



12. Whello

Getting to the bottom of what makes your brand unique is at the core of Whello’s workflow. As a result, they’re able to quickly grow your business. Moreover, they believe in co-creation with clients. This means you’re always involved. In addition, you will get to benefit from their extensive experience working with the fastest growing brands in Europe. 


Mission: To help brands of all shapes and sizes grow by first understanding the “why” and then building a marketing strategy on top of that. 


Clients: L1NDA Connect, JUSTIN recruitment, MeteoGroup


Highlighted services:

  • B2B marketing
  • SaaS marketing
  • e-commerce solutions



11. TOP Amsterdam

TOP is a full service local digital marketing agency located in Amsterdam. Their incredible team of marketing gurus understand how the local scene has evolved. And they are ready to devise the best strategy to fit your needs.  Most importantly, they use data to inform decision making. As a result, they are able to save you time and money by coming up with the most effective ways to use content to engage. They’ve already worked with clients across multiple industries.


Mission: To use growth marketing principles to power every marketing domain in the most cost-effective way


Clients: Smuckers, Harmless Harvest, Budweiser


Highlighted services:

  • Advertising
  • Amazon marketing
  • Crisis communications



10. Story of AMS

Since their founding in 2016, Story of AMS has grown into a full service e-commerce agency. Story of AMS believes your e-commerce website is the most step in a customer’s journey. And in order to deliver powerful, personalized customer experiences, brands must know how to differentiate themselves here. As a Shopify Plus and Storyblok partner, they strategize how to attract and convert online shoppers. On this note, they also create beautiful photo and video content to increase conversions. 


Mission: To build and scale leading e-commerce brands with the customer at the center


Clients: Bols, Studio Noos, Signify


Highlighted services:

  • Consumer insights
  • UI/UX design
  • Shopify solutions




In the era of ad blockers, AGCS focuses on building a better ad experience. This means that ads will no longer be seen as annoying. Instead, they can add values by delivering the right message at the right time. Furthermore, their digital advertising experience comes in handy when setting up online campaigns. As a digital agency, their team of campaign planners can promote multiple products through targeted, relevant content. 


Mission: To create a better ad experience for brands looking to optimize campaign performance


Clients: Universal Pictures, Yamaha Motors Europe, Axel Springer


Highlighted services:

  • HTML5 banners
  • Landing page development
  • Video production



8. This Page

As a digital agency based in central Amsterdam, you’ll be in safe hands with This Page. Since 2009, they’ve crafted engaging experiences by staying true to a few basic principles. First, analyze and learn. This ensures their team understands your needs. The second step is create. Therefore, your visual communication solutions are always tailored to your strategy. In addition, they support campaign development and media planning. This could be appealing for clients who are less familiar with some marketing platforms. 


Mission: To grow brand awareness by understanding and building on your brand message


Clients: Nike, Bose, Volvo


Highlighted services:

  • Data strategy
  • Full stack development
  • Social media marketing



7. Code

It’s simple. Code is good at code. And Shopify Plus. They started out as a team of passionate coders, but have since pivoted into the high growth space of Shopify Plus.  In particular, they’re the first Shopify Plus partner in the Benelux region. They have extensive experience with helping brands improve their e-commerce platform. Furthermore, one of the core values at Code is smooth communication. This means you’ll never have to spend time worrying about holdups that could delay the launch of your webshop. Clients can trust Code to build world-class webshops while delivering a hassle-free experience. 


Mission: To find solutions for the technical challenges of online entrepreneurs


Clients: O’Neill, POM Amsterdam, Filling Pieces


Highlighted services:

  • Shopify app development
  • Web design
  • e-commerce solutions



6. Chase Marketing

Chase Marketing is a full service online marketing agency that helps clients grow their presence in Amsterdam through a mix of online advertising, SEO and e-commerce. Moreover, they aim to structure the collaboration in a way that drives results. By always keeping clients in the loop, their team tailors the strategy to hit your unique marketing targets. Whether that’s making your website easier to find on Google or getting the most out of your marketing budget, they will help drive online conversions. 


Mission: To use online marketing and web design to achieve strategic growth


Clients: SkinVision, Bootschappen Watersport, Reanda


Highlighted services:

  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Website optimization



5. What Matters

If you’re looking for marketing specialists in Amsterdam with a passion for authenticity, then What Matters could be the answer. They aid clients to stay ahead of the competition by creating campaigns that showcase their ideals. As a result, customers resonate with the brand and sales are boosted. 


Mission: To find the social purpose of your brand and connect this with your target audience to increase sales


Highlighted services:

  • Brand creation
  • Marketing & Communication strategy
  • Storytelling



4. Superheroes

They’re superheroes here to save us all from boring advertising! They’re specialists in attracting attention with a special mix of technology and design. This is of particular importance in a post-advertising world where people no longer trust ads that are too pushy. In addition, attention spans are decreasing while the number of ad blockers are increasing. Therefore, by increasing the value of your ad, Superheroes makes advertising fun again. In addition, they waste zero dollars in media spend through careful planning. Overall, you’ll be pleased with how high your campaigns can fly even with a strict budget!


Mission: To make advertising valuable by placing a premium on relevance


Clients: MTV, Coca-Cola, Netflix


Highlighted services:

  • Content production
  • Media planning
  • Consumer insights 



3. Stramark

Stramark is an online marketing agency that’s been delivering results for SME clients since 2008! Their customer journey insights are critical to guiding campaign strategy. Overall, they are experts at positioning your website to help get visitors to the product as efficiently as possible. Their specialists can also help with marketing automation, SEO copywriting and much more. Furthermore, they offer a free marketing evaluation of your current strategy. 


Mission: To work with SMEs to meaningfully boost their SEO and SEA strategies in an integrated manner. 


Clients: EuroNext, FloraBlom, Keeper Sport


Highlighted services:

  • Search engine advertising
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing 



2. Roxtar

Confused by the ins and outs of online marketing? Then you’ll have a great partner in Roxtar! They make the process understandable by maintaining transparent communication with clients. Their areas of expertise include building webshops and generating more website traffic for SMEs. And they aren’t afraid to deep dive into the details. This way, you can squeeze the most out of your budget. In addition, customers are sure to appreciate their upfront pricing. 


Mission: To optimize your website and get the most return for your marketing budget


Highlighted services:

  • SEO
  • Social media advertising
  • Search engine advertising 



1. Red Button Digital

If you want effective marketing on your owned channels, then look no further than Red Button Digital. They specialize in marketing gamification. Instead of giving money to external platforms like Facebook and Google, online activations are focused on channels that you own. They offer 15 online activation strategies to choose from. These include code checks, quizzes and sweepstakes. Finally, there are no recurring fees. Instead, you are given the flexibility of paying as you go. Clients will also enjoy their streamlined workflow and affordable pricing.


Mission: Higher conversion through white label online activation


Clients: Samsung, Decathlon, Keune Museum


Highlighted services:

  • Online activation
  • Flexible and affordable pricing


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