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Graphic design services come in many different forms nowadays, and it may be hard to choose the best one for you. From logos to social posts, to blog images, to banners and ads, the needs of graphic design require accuracy, personalization, and a keen attention to detail that comes with experience in graphic design. One of today’s well-known graphic design services is 99designs.

99designs is a design service enabling you to get professional graphic design services through two methods: by either working directly with a designer or starting a contest so you can pick your preferred design. They promise high quality design through fast communication with top-notch designers. With a money back guarantee and low affordable prices, this has been attractive to many customers.

But as with anything that is too good to be true, there are certainly many cons to those pros. And it hasn’t all been effective for some. There are many reasons for this, and you can review those through customer testimonials.


What customers are saying about 99designs


There are many review websites that tackled the numerous issues of 99designs. And they have listed reasonable factors to look at when considering (or avoiding) graphic design services. We took the liberty of listing down many testimonials from customers, both good and bad, so you can decide what you think is best for you.


The Good

99Designs have impressed some customers. Looking through their positive testimonials, you can see why customers keep coming back.


The Platform

testimonial 99designs platform

Image via 99designs

You know what they say, ‘A good platform never hurt no one’.

Good UI/UX design for your platform would convince a customer to stay. Making sure it is easy to submit design requests, clear and safe payment methods, and fast-loading website will ensure your customers will keep coming back. Customers seem to love 99Design’s platform for two good reasons: convenience, and accessibility. These two alone convinces people to stay. And that is something noteworthy.

Choices and Options

testimonials 99designs options

Image via 99designs

Another good thing that 99designs did is to provide choices. By providing many options, customers feel empowered by enabling them to customize the service and to receive the right design they requested. This also enables them to feel that they paid the right service as they aren’t stuck on one channel. 99designs offers 2 options, either direct communication through one designer, or holding a bidding contest and the customer can select their favorite design. Giving many options have always been a part of graphic design services, but this is just one factor in a multifactorial service system.

Service options are great for the customer but internally this may cause some issues (as seen in other testimonials) but we will look at and study those later.


testimonials 99designs affordability

Image via 99designs

If the customer felt the price was reasonable for the service they got, expect customers to return. 99Designs promises an affordable pricing for graphic design services with money back guarantee and no hidden charges. So, it’s undeniable that some customer will feel satisfied with the service.


The Bad

Not all testimonials were clauses of satisfaction. Some customers and designers who worked with 99Designs have flavorful comments to say about the service.


testimonials 99designs original design

Image via reselleratings

Original graphic designs are non-negotiables. Whatever types of requests are sent through, graphic designs should be original based on the brief. Stolen or copied graphic design is a no-no and must be addressed. If a designer tends to copy another designer’s work, that is reflective of the company he or she is working for.

Customer Liability

testimonials 99designs customer liability

Image via resellerratings

While it is great that you have the option to put designs up for a bid, having to judge over 50+ designs would place the liability on you. There is no way for you to objectively judge if the design works best for your branding or for your audience. So, some customers walked away feeling satisfied, not knowing they are carrying work created by an amateur. They also possibly avoided and missed out works that have been created by professionals. A system that places the liability on the customer makes a difficult graphic design service overall.

Poor Services

testimonials 99designs poor service

Image via resellerratings

No matter how good the design, poor service will always stick with the customer. A good platform prioritizes good customer service above all else because word-of-mouth acts as a positive marketing for the company. And there is no better way to get this aside from providing excellent customer service.

Inefficient Communications

testimonials 99designs communications

Image via resellerratings

Making a customer send emails back and forth reduces customer satisfaction and ratings (as seen in this picture). As part of providing good customer services, contacting the service company and its designers should be easy, especially if you need revisions and modifications. Or have issues about payment concerns.

Lack of Art Direction

testimonials 99designs art direction

Image via resellerratings

Design needs art direction. That’s why we have art directors. And most of the time, these art directors assist designers in understanding what a client needs; any lack of direction is palpable if the multiple designs miss the marks of any request. Furthermore, customers shouldn’t have to settle with designs they ‘weren’t in love with’. That is why there are revisions and art directors to help with that.


What to look for when considering graphic design services

Considering all the testimonials from former customers, a good graphic design service should have:

  • Great performing platform
  • Customizable options
  • Affordable, reasonable prices
  • A great set of designers and teams
  • Original, creative works
  • Good services and communications
  • And customer assurance

To summarize in one-word, graphic design services should be reliable. They can be counted on for every aspect from the moment you enter the service into getting results you want. Their process must curate to each customer’s needs so that they can get the perfect design you are looking for without so much trouble. Good ideas can get the job done, but a great direction can take you to where you want to be.


Where to get good graphic design services

If you want options, you should check our website. We offer graphic design services starting at $399 monthly, and you can upgrade your services depending on what you and your business needs. How do we compare in relation to other graphic design services? Take a look at the table below:

dotyeti graphic design service prices

Image via dotyeti

For an affordable price, you will be working with a highly trained set of designers selected by art directors through extensive training. With a scalable workflow process and unlimited revisions, our subscription plans are created so you can be sure that the designs you are the designs you actually want. No more back and forth communications, no biddings, no complicated processes, just you and your ideas being worked on. Good ideas must never remain in concept, allow DotYeti to make your ideas into a reality.

Our packages comes in three forms: Basic, Premium, and Royal. These packages are scalable and optional depending on what you think works for you.

Still not convinced? Try our services! We have a 14-day money back guarantee. Experience the DotYeti way of graphic design so you can discover how a good graphic design service should be. With an easy-to-work on platform, reasonable prices, easy communications, and great services, you can expect nothing else but creative and original works tailored to your creative ideas. Collaborate with highly trained designers, available at your service.

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