DotYeti Spotlight: Best Designer for November 2023

In this blog, we introduce DotYeti’s best designer for the month of October. 


We’re featuring another stellar creative designer for this month. That is none other than Christopher E.!    

He’s in charge of general graphic design projects in his team, but he also occasionally does logo and branding design work, social media posters, website designs, and other projects. 

Here, you’ll get to know how he got started in his design career, his hobbies, and his aspirations as an artist.  


His design journey

Christopher’s first love in design? He started with illustrations and cartooning, before finally discovering his skill for crafting brand identities in 2019. 

He explained that he noticed that he excelled more when it came to branding. 

Way before illustration though, Christopher thought he would end up in web design and UI/UX. It was a path to design that he thought would be able to incorporate his undergraduate degree in Information Technology (IT) the most. 

There, he took courses on multimedia design, which began his movement into the world of branding and design. 


Inspiration is everywhere

You could chalk up his design for logos and branding to his own mettle. But if there’s anywhere he gets inspiration from—it’s the people around him. He says, “Seeing my colleagues’ other designs is where most of my inspiration comes from.”

Apart from this, he also draws inspiration from acclaimed branding names like Paula Scher, who drafted the Citibank logo in a napkin. 

You can also catch him browsing on Dribbble and finding his creative spark within their countless designs. 


His work ethic

Christopher says working with other visual artists helped him sharpen his craft. Their criticisms and guidance steer his work in a more exciting and unique direction. Before commencing with any project, he likes to find pegs to give his teammates and clients a 

As for blending his personal style with clients, he says, ”I always make sure that I prioritize what the clients want before my style,” in a mix of English and Filipino. 


Jamming time

In his spare time, Topher usually plays guitar with his cover band. It’s composed of his college friends, the friends of friends, who just vibe with the music, play in a studio, and have a good time. 

In times of stress, this is the activity he turns to. 


Fun facts about Christopher

In his spare time: He jams with friends to relax. 

How he describes his personal style: Minimalist, modern, and simple. He prefers to keep a clean look without overexaggerating details. 


His project highlights

Here, we feature his best work. 

Japanese Restaurant Menu

Homepage Website Design Mockup

Clappt Website Design

best designer


The future is 3D 

Topher is no stranger to dipping his feet into other forms of design. And for the next five years, he hopes to learn 3D design, which is a growing trend in graphic design.

He believes this could add to his skills and help him boost his career. 


Designer Spotlight: November 2023 Honorable Mention

This month’s honorable mention goes to Antio G., a dedicated and talented web designer whose eye for detail has gained the respect and admiration of his art director. 

DotYeti has seasoned designers who are growing their artistic skills. To get quality designs with a unique spunk, book a demo today!

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