15 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai

Are you in need of some of the best marketing agencies in Dubai? It’s no wonder!

Dubai has many opportunities for local and foreign businesses. But with a great marketing agency at your side, opportunities could go beyond the city limits. 

Digital marketing agencies in Dubai allow companies to strengthen their local presence and expand into other markets.

As a result, they’re an invaluable asset. And hiring the right one ensures that your marketing campaigns can take off without a hitch.

Read on to see our list of agencies that help companies market themselves properly and succeed in Dubai.


1. Bruce Clay Mena

best marketing agencies in Dubai

As a digital marketing agency, Bruce Clay Mena dedicates itself to helping brands in Dubai scale their online presence. They now have 8 offices around the world.

Their expertise includes SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and more. Additionally, they also have a track record of success with their marketing work. Their clients have grown from small enterprises to considerable corporations.

Bruce Clay’s client base includes Johnson & Johnson, Disney, and MTV.


2. Emirates Graphic

Emirates Graphic is an award-winning agency that provides best marketing practices to businesses of all sizes. 

The company’s services span multiple areas. Including web design, graphic design and PPC.

Some companies they’ve helped are SmartShip, Store2Door, and BayanPay


3. Crowd

best marketing agencies in Dubai

Crowd has extensive experience in producing campaigns for environmentally friendly products and services.

Moreover, they specialize in cutting-edge marketing for e-commerce stores. They’ve been helping companies reach their target audience and boost online sales for years.

The agency has worked with Eagle Hills International Properties, China Southern Airlines, and Dubai Airlines.  


4. AddBloom

best marketing agencies in Dubai

AddBloom provides strategy, design and development for start-ups and businesses in Dubai. 

They are experts when it comes to data & analytics, coding and creative strategy.

Finally, companies they’ve nurtured include Chili’s and CedarMan.


5. Iktomi

best marketing agencies in Dubai

Iktomi provides innovative solutions to the business world in Dubai. 

With their immersive approach, they simplify how your company reaches its audience. Their services cover SEO, content marketing and PPC.

Iktomi has crafted exemplary campaigns for Bay Avenue and Nusa.


6. Glimpse

Founded in 2016, Glimpse specializes in content creation, branding, and influencer management. 

They help clients achieve their goals through effective campaign strategy and execution. Furthermore, they’re well-known one of the most successful agencies in the UAE.

A few clients they’ve helped transform are Hyundai, Novo Cinemas, and LG


7. Zoom Digital

Zoom Digital is made up of talented individuals who specialize in digital marketing. Together, they provide businesses with effective ways to get your brand seen. 

The agency offers a full suite of digital marketing services, including SEM, PPC and email marketing.

Clients they’ve worked with include Davidson & Co. Law Firm and Art Dubai.


best marketing agencies in Dubai

PLAN A has been at the forefront of the digital marketing industry in the UAE for over a decade. 

They offer unparalleled creative and technical expertise that guarantees tangible growth for their clients.

They hold a roster of major clients including Sultan AI Olama Medical Center and EmiCar.


9. Kingsmen Agency

Kingsmen Agency focuses on providing marketing and advertising, film production, and social media management services to a wide array of clients. 

Their company is based in the UAE with clients and staff from all around the world. They produce content that strengthens audience connections.

In turn, they’ve worked with brands such as DAS Holding and AMILAB.


10. Amplify

Amplify Dubai started in the UK and eventually launched a Dubai office in 2008.

They work with global brands and SMEs to provide marketing and sales strategies. Moreover, they offer design services, SEO and outdoor event services.

They’ve worked with brands such as Spotify and Victoria’s Secret.


11. GPS Marketing

GPS Marketing is an award-winning agency that offers a wide selection of services to boost engagement metrics.

They can help with SEO, Google Ads, and digital advertising. As a result, it is your one-stop-shop for your marketing needs!

They’ve worked with companies such as Vans, Columbia, and more!


12. Digital Gravity

best marketing agencies in Dubai

Digital Gravity is a web design and development agency with a knack for unique styles. Just check out their website!

In addition, their focus on creative marketing strategies and different types of content has helped their clients’ businesses flourish.

Some of their well-known partners are Yamaha, Belgravia, and Emaar Properties.


13. Bester Capital Media

best marketing agencies in Dubai

Bester Capital Media offers marketing and advertising strategies to businesses with a presence in Dubai.

They specialize in web development, branding and e-commerce services. Also, they ensure their services are user-centric for maximum accessibility.

Nestle, RTA-Dubai, and Moto3 have partnered with BCM in the past.


14. Digital Street

best marketing agencies in Dubai

Digital Street focuses on marketing for essential services and boutique brands. They’re one of the best marketing agencies in Dubai, even as a boutique agency.

Furthermore, they offer services such as social media management, web design and digital strategy.

They’ve worked with big-name industries such as Unilever Gulf and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.


15. Chain Reaction

best marketing agencies in Dubai

Chain Reaction works with innovative startups and large businesses to increase their value in the age of global competitiveness.

They offer services such as data analysis, digital marketing, social media marketing, and more. 

Consequently, they combine innovation and data to produce content that connects with people.

Finally, some brands that they have worked with are KFC, Samsung, and Lenovo.

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