10 Food Ad Ideas for Your Instagram Page

New to running an F&B business? Here are 10 food ad ideas you can use to win the social media game. 

If you’re in the business of food, then you know you need to make your content look as delicious as possible. It’s not just about being active and consistent online, it’s also about making content your audience will love. 

But if you’re working with a limited team in a small business or startup, it’s tough to always come up with quality content that will resonate with people. 

This article will offer refreshing new content ideas and strategies to level up your Instagram feed. 


Why do you need food ads?

People eat with their eyes first. And for potential first-time customers who haven’t visited your physical store (or if you don’t have a physical location in the first place), you want them to be impressed by product pictures first. 

That’s why investing in a good marketing campaign is a must. You only get a few chances to make an impression, so you want to make it count. 

Now, here are ten tasty food ad ideas for small businesses! Oh, and we’re also throwing in food ad examples from brands. 


1. Connect with artists 

The food business is inextricably linked to the creative industry. Check out how these two brands partner with other creatives to amplify their brand story and social media content. 



This food brand taps artists to expand their brand story, which heavily focuses on anime and Japanese pop culture. 

Kodawari stands out from other Instagram-grown brands because of its product photography, anime-inspired posts, and out-of-the-box content, such as this staged Japanese news report. 



Now, here’s another brand that knows how to pay homage to the creative community. Omsom is a noodle brand that collaborates with Asian-American chefs to bring different flavors to their product roster. 

Not only does this give their customers more flavors to choose from, it also spotlights talented chefs in the Asian-American community. 


2. Give your audience the inside scoop 

Small food businesses, and any small establishment developing products, can foster engagement with their community with BTS content. Yes, take a video of you assembling a plate of food, packing orders, opening up your shop—anything that you do on a day-to-day basis. 



This well-loved Instagram-worthy bakery knows how to flaunt its stuff. Aside from posting photos of their decorated cakes, they also post reels showing their bakers putting the finishing touches on the cake. 

Whether it’s writing special messages or piping intricate details using frosting, they always have scrumptious videos that showcase their artistry. 


Wishbone Kitchen

If you’re thinking of starting your private chef practice, then you need to do it like Wishbone Kitchen. In the last year, she’s launched to fame because of TikToks on being a chef in the Hamptoms, where she cooks gorgeous and tasty meals for her clients. From shopping ingredients to searing steaks and cleaning up the kitchen, she shares her day with her thousands of followers.  


3. Show how to use your product

One of the best ways to encourage people to purchase your product is to show viewers how versatile it is. These two brands partner with content creators who create informational videos on how to prepare and use their products.


food ad ideas

When it comes to user-generated content, you have to find people who are genuinely interested in your product. That’s not a problem for tinned fish company, Fishwife. This trendy, sustainable, and super tasty brand knows and actually appreciates its audience of fellow tinned fish lovers. 

They send over their products to creators and engage with creators who use their products in their recipes. It’s a great organic way to help your audience find ways to consume your products. 


Atare Foods

food ad ideas

Atare Foods is another food brand that shows how consumers can actually consume their product. You don’t always know how to finish a jar of sauce in your pantry, so they’ve taken the initiative to actually show you how versatile their jars are. 


4. Embrace memes and trendy content

It’s 2024, and it’s also where you hop on trends and ride the waves of the social media algorithm. 



When it comes to making viral content, Wendy’s has the social media formula down. The fast-food chain has been making meme-worthy content for years, inspiring many other corporate social teams to follow suit on their witty content style.

Whether it’s joining in on the latest trends or engaging with the audience, Wendy’s social media content style is one you’ve got to keep an eye on. 


I Love Chamoy

food ad ideas

If you need an example of a brand that does social listening well, just take a peek at I Love Chamoy’s page. They make use of trending audio, video formats, and meme templates on the daily. 

The best part is all of their content is tailor-fit to their product and niche—making it even more fun for the viewer to watch. 


5. Make product launches fun again

When it comes to debuting new products, you better hype yourself up. Follow these two trendy brands to learn how to nail a digital launch campaign. 


Chamberlain Coffee

This Gen-Z brand knows how to make content that vibes with its audience. But Chamberlain Coffee’s product launch doesn’t just come with cute and engaging content, they also held a giveaway!


Fly by Jing

food ad ideas

introducing a new product is always daunting. After all, you’re not sure how well it would be received and how much money you should invest in the whole project…but Fly by Jing’s strategy is to go big and go bold!

They teased their new product with animated visualizers, explainers on the product’s ingredients, and some awesome product shots. 


Make Good Food Content with DotYeti

Now that you got these amazing food ad ideas, it’s time to get cranking on the production.

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