5 Newsletter Ideas To Boost Your Marketing

We’re giving you some of the best newsletter ideas so you can better reach your customers’ inboxes. 

Inboxes aren’t just a black hole of emails you know. When done right, an email campaign can help you create brand awareness and retain interest.

If you don’t already have a newsletter, then here are just some reasons why companies use them:

  • Product launches and promo deal reminders
  • More personalized campaigns and targeted ads
  • Release community-first content and product updates

Aside from making your customers feel like a part of a community, it can also be a smart marketing move you can leverage for profit. 

Here are five newsletter ideas that won’t disappoint. 


1. Free resources and guides

 Everybody loves getting stuff for free–and what better way to deliver them than through their inbox! Offer free guides and resources to your customers–whether it’s a free marketing report, some graphics for their phone wallpaper, or even a branded content calendar. 

These things are small and relatively low-effort projects, but they can go a long way. 

We like this idea because this can be anything from an aesthetically pleasing wallpaper to a heavily researched consumer report on a certain niche. Just do what works for you!


2. Spotlight teams and company culture

If you really want to build a community, you want to make sure that you’re keeping everyone in the loop. And that’s why introducing your core team members to your audience matters. 

Not only will this strengthen your company culture, but you can also use this campaign to strengthen relations with your customers. 

Use this and other team introduction newsletter ideas for a more personal and laid-back marketing approach.  


3. Tips to best use your product

Don’t let your potential leads get cold. They might not be ready to buy your product now, but they might be interested after three months. 

That’s why you have to invest in creating content that gives extra information on how to best use your product, when to use it, and other tips to boost your product’s value. 

This is where user-generated content usually comes in. But we think simple blog articles or short infographics can do the trick. 


4. User case studies and user-generated content.

You want to show that your brand can create value. What better way to do that than by writing case studies? Show your audience how your customer has transformed their work processes with their new tool–or how they leveled up their make-up game with the latest lip oil. 

For this, you can ask your customers to create testimonial videos. 

If there’s one thing that works today, it’s influencing. Don’t be afraid to let your community do some of the marketing for your product. 


5. New product launch announcements

It takes hard work to bring a new product to market. Why don’t you make it worthwhile with an email marketing campaign that captures your audience’s interest? 

You can offer promos early to subscribers and even tease a BTS of how the new product was made. Build community interest and awareness so that when your product launches, it’s more than just hype. 

We know this tip isn’t for everyone–not everyone creates new products regularly. You can substitute this for seasonal promos and holiday deals. 


How to create the best newsletter visuals

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