[UPDATED] The 2024 Complete Graphic Design for Marketing Guide

Every team understands the importance of graphic design for marketing. Graphic design is the art of communicating a message using visual content.  It has a huge impact on brand awareness and conversion. This is why entrepreneurs and key decision-makers know that graphic design and business are inseparable. Graphic designers blend typography, photography, illustrations, motion graphics, and page layout techniques to meet specific goals. Taken together, this optimizes user experience and results in higher conversion. 

A high-quality graphic design portfolio helps businesses achieve key marketing targets. For instance, it adds a contemporary flair to advertisements, surpasses language barriers, and highlights the company’s creative minds. It is essentially creativity driven by purpose. But as creative trends come and go, it’s important for marketing teams to stay ahead of the curve.


Impact of Graphic Design in 2024

Think of the most iconic brands we know today.

Perhaps what springs to mind are their massive marketing campaigns that struck a chord with audiences worldwide. Graphic design is an essential part of marketing campaigns—it catapults products into the spotlight and into the center of conversations.

It can immediately put a relatively unknown brand on the radar and accelerate global sales. Not only that, it can ensure a company stays relevant. This is because engaging graphics make a company feel refreshingly modern and trendy. 


The Importance of Brand Strategy

First of all, its importance in branding strategy cannot be overstated. Graphic designers carefully think through every line, color, and logo variation. Afterward, they go through testing to make sure that they evoke the right emotions and spark the right ideas.

A product’s unique selling points can be concisely communicated in a logo alone. Think about the simplicity of Facebook, the softness of Airbnb, and the statement of the Rolling Stones logos.

Captivating graphic design can also level up omnichannel marketing campaigns. For example, a billboard that makes you look up from your work commute. Maybe a flyer that you want to read a second time. Or a social media graphic that makes you stop scrolling. Needless to say, all of them require a thoughtful creative eye. 

Above all, graphic design comes in many shapes and forms, each with its own optimized anatomy. For example, videos and animations likely need a different set of skills to master than banner ads. This is, in turn, different from a business card that needs to quickly highlight key contact information.

With all this variety, it’s clear that graphic design enriches the marketing industry. An unlimited graphic design service can be the key to unlocking all the benefits for any forward-thinking marketing, sales, or product team. 


Graphic Design for Digital Marketing

As the online world grows, the importance of graphic design in digital marketing has never been greater. 

As with everything, there are good and bad graphic designs. Bad graphic designs get lost in the sea of online content and can have negative audience responses. On the other hand, good graphic designs hit your KPI targets and exponentially grow your online presence. 

It’s critical to note that the same methods cannot be applied across all online platforms. For example, graphic designs that drive results on social media will likely not get the same response for email marketing campaigns. This is why it makes sense to dive into the details for each channel. 


1. Facebook

Facebook’s massive online reach undeniably makes it one of the most powerful tools ever created for digital marketing. There are over 4.4 billion registered users and social ad impressions are increasing 20% year on year. Therefore, the most effective marketing strategies correctly leverage the Facebook algorithm. 

Here are a few of our battle-tested tips: 

  • It’s important to not overwhelm the ad with text if you want to boost engagement. Stick to the 80-20 rule: 80% graphics and 20% text. Make the text powerful and concise to spark interest.
  • Make sure the caption complements the image. You can even use emojis to add character and directly evoke certain emotions. 
  • Try out some motion graphics, such as videos and animations. These formats add an element of surprise and help with engagement.
  • Know Facebook’s standard dimensions. This ensures that your ad is optimized across all layouts.


2. Instagram

Instagram’s user interface purposefully puts the spotlight on visual content. Above all, it’s critical that your Instagram content stands out

Here’s what makes a design Insta-worthy:

  • Unlike Facebook, Instagram is completely dominated by visual designs over text. Eye-catching colors, high-quality resolutions, and bold creativity are your most powerful tools here.
  • Ensure that any text you wish to include is not covered by the CTA button on Instagram stories.
  • Curate a feed that aligns with your brand colors, aesthetic and messaging. When users first visit your profile, it’s the entire feed that takes up the visual field, not individual posts. 
  • Don’t forget to include powerful hashtags to help increase brand exposure and discovery.

3. Email

It’s no longer enough to send out mass emails that feel soulless and advertising-heavy. 

Customer relationships are activated and nurtured through meaningful email content. Similarly, emails that are tailored to different target audiences produce the best results because they feel personalized. Following on from this, automated email funnels that incorporate the right content can guide a lot of high-value leads down the purchasing funnel.

But text alone can’t accomplish this. 

Graphic designs add character and energy to email marketing strategies. They can include on-brand banners, illustrations, and animated GIFs. Consequently, these all serve to better engage and connect with the reader.

Here are some strategies that we take into account when creating email marketing graphics

  • Attention-grabbing graphic designs at the top of an email can help turn a simple click into a read.
  • Illustrations and infographics help summarize key information and drive a point home.
  • Banners are useful for highlighting CTA messages.


Graphic Design for Print Materials

Print design covers a huge variety. This includes T-shirts, business cards, labels, bags, posters, and menus. Forward-thinking marketers who want to expand their brand reach must eventually consider the print design. It adds a layer of personal touch to customer relationships and extends it beyond the original purchased product. 

We remember 20% of what we read and 80% of what we see. The most effective print designs can effortlessly capture attention. They do this through stunning visual appeal and communicating critical information. In conclusion, they drive results because of a perfectly balanced blend of function and creativity. 

1. Merchandise Design

Merchandise design is an excellent marketing tool. Customers can support your brand awareness strategy even when they are not using your product. When you’re carrying branded shopping bags, wearing branded clothing, or using branded gifts, you are indirectly marketing to others. 

A potential customer can be converted into a paying customer by consistently encountering your brand on a variety of different merchandise. Therefore, having thoughtfully designed merchandise can also show people that you are investing in marketing. Above all, this helps build a positive image of your brand

2. Packaging Design

It’s important to strike a balance between functionality and advertising with packaging design. Ultimately, it could be the final push that encourages potential customers to pick your product off the shelf.

Firstly, it must reliably hold and protect what it carries inside. Following on from this, there are a number of different materials you can choose from. Each material has varying strength, durability, texture, and cost. 

Secondly, it should communicate information that you want your customers to know before they use your product. Here you’ll have to decide how to highlight certain product information. The most important ones may include ingredients, contact information, and usage instructions. 

And lastly, it should also shine a spotlight on some of your brand’s core values. Doing so will help your customers feel connected to your story. This in turn builds loyalty. Do you have a commitment to sustainability? Are you using proprietary technology? Do you want your packaging to reflect your minimalist aesthetic? Or are you after a more vibrant look? You can show these things in your packaging design.

3. Branding and Print Design

Brochures, flyers, and posters are important ways to raise awareness about promotions or upcoming events. Furthermore, they can also be a customer’s first encounter with your brand. What key information do you want to convey? Do you want to spread awareness of limited-time discounts? Where should you place your logo? 

The most popular print designs are probably business cards. Above all, these must effectively highlight your contact information and be on-brand. You should always be proud when handing out your business card! 


Types of Graphic Design

There are many different types of graphic designs. Each of them accomplishes unique targets. Together, they form a comprehensive and cohesive creative strategy. We’ll explore the forms you may have encountered, and when you may choose to use them. 


1. Static Images

Static images are perhaps the most deceptively simple. They are often associated with traditional marketing. You’ll see static images everywhere, from billboards to flyers. Digital marketers have also cleverly leveraged static images. This is usually in the form of social media graphics and Google display banners. 

However, none of these forms are actually simple. 

It’s important to be aware of all the various factors at play. These include the target audience, standard dimensions of each design, and delivery model. Also whether you are optimizing for awareness or conversion, and the quality of the designs themselves. 

A shopping discount brochure meant for a general audience may likely be seen once. It needs to quickly communicate key information to keep the event top of mind. On the other hand, graphics for online ad campaigns can be retargeted to customers who are further down the purchasing funnel. It should still be visually stunning to stand out from all the other online content. 

In general, an effective ad should be 80% visual and 20% text. This anatomy has been proven to drive information retention. In addition, it is also a great way for designers to showcase their talent. It’s the ideal balance between communicating key information through text and using creativity to make the information stick.


2. Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are almost always found in modern digital marketing strategies. Motion adds variety and character to the endless amount of online content we encounter every day. That may just be enough to encourage someone to stop scrolling! Therefore, it’s really no surprise that tech-savvy digital marketers increasingly tap into animated GIFs. 

Additionally, most GIFs are 5-15 seconds long and this extra time can help you convey more information compared to a static image. Nevertheless, it’s still important to choose what information you’d like to showcase. Not to mention, the most appropriate way to incorporate it. For example, an animated GIF that’s too information-heavy or one that moves too fast, will not be memorable.


3. Animations and Videos

The next level up in complexity is animations and videos. But these aren’t the boring lecture videos you may remember from school! Rather, they’re an incredibly engaging tool for digital marketers to leverage. 

The most effective videos have a catchy hook to encourage the viewer to continue watching the video and as well as a memorable outro. Moreover, summary slides with bullet points help add structure to the video and highlight key takeaways. 

Explainer videos are an important part of any marketing campaign that wants to deep dive into a particular topic. As a result, they are often found in the later stages of a campaign when the potential customer is actively researching your product before making the purchase.

Marketers can add specific information in a video and establish a personal connection with the viewer. This is also why they can also be used to build customer loyalty. For example, you can use them to communicate product updates or big company developments to customers. 


Color Psychology of Graphic Design

What is the best color for marketing? Hint: check out our infographic for the answer.

Just to be clear, the right color significantly levels up the impact of a design. On the other hand, the wrong color can have an undesirable effect. It may also result in missed marketing opportunities.

By striking the right balance, the best graphic designers expertly leverage colors to influence consumer psychology and increase conversion. 


List of Colors and Their Associated Emotions

  • Red: stimulates heightened emotions such as excitement and hunger. Can also signify urgency or danger. 
  • Yellow: often associated with happiness and creativity
  • Orange: an invigorating color used to show affordability
  • Green: the color of environmentalism, nature, and wellness
  • Blue: this reliable color is used by companies who want to convey trust, security, and tech-savviness
  • Purple: this rare color symbolizes royalty and luxury
  • White: professionalism, science, and simplicity

Real-Life Examples of Color Psychology in Logos and Branding

Red is often used by fast food companies to encourage hunger and consumption. Think McDonald’s and Burger King

Orange is a solid color choice for CTA buttons. This is because of its double appeal to the happiness of yellow and the energetic punch of red. Customers know that they are clicking on a good deal! Furthermore, it subtly stands out from the crowd with its invigorating shade. This is why companies like MasterCard, Nickelodeon, and Fanta gravitate towards orange. 

Yellow logos such as Shell, Ikea, and Nikon reflect positivity and youthful energy. These companies want you to know that using their product brings happiness. 

Green is the primary color found in the logos of Spotify, Starbucks, and Whole Foods. Its association with health and wellness makes consumers feel balanced. 

Blue has proven time and time again to be a powerhouse in marketing and branding because of its association with trust. Facebook, Visa, and Intel use blue to remind customers that they are benefiting from world-class security and innovation when using their products. 


Conversion-rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of website visitors that take a certain action. This can be buying a product, leaving contact information, or subscribing to social media channels. 

It was naturally born as tech-savvy companies became aware of the need for insights into website visitor behavior. Website analytics reveals all the touchpoints that consumers encountered. Now marketing teams knew precisely what works and what doesn’t. This was massively beneficial to teams looking to improve the conversion funnel through incredible user experience. 


How Graphic Design Optimizes the Conversion Funnel

High-quality graphic design meaningfully optimizes the conversion funnel in a variety of ways. You can also check out our infographic for a summary. 


1. First Impressions

Graphic design creates a resounding first impression on potential high-value leads or customers.

Think about the most memorable brands you’ve encountered or the most effective marketing campaigns—chances are the visuals come to mind first, before the text.

As visual creatures, we are naturally drawn towards stunning visuals. The best graphic designs resonate with us immediately when we see them. This is why they stay top of mind. 


2. Uniqueness

Graphic design helps set you apart from the competition.

The right choice of bold, invigorating colors can engage with the target audience. It encourages them to take a second look. In a content-heavy world, that second look can make a huge difference in conversion rates.


3. Credibility

It’s not by random chance that the most successful global brands have invested serious time and money into pixel-perfect graphic designs.

Potential customers take note when you’ve invested in high-quality graphic designs. This is to say, they’re more likely to feel positively towards a brand that cares about every aspect of their experience.

Sloppiness with marketing could imply sloppiness on the product side. Adding a level of professionalism to the graphic designs that carry your logo and name, encourages customers to place trust in your brand.


Conversion-driven landing pages

Graphic design has pushed the needle forward in web design. This is most evident in conversion-driven landing pages. 

Spam-like websites full of overwhelming content confuses the visitor. Furthermore, key information gets missed and the call to action gets lost. On the other hand, sleek web designs are incredibly user-friendly. Furthermore, it seamlessly presents key benefits of the product and walks them through interesting information. This can include the brand’s history, vision, and community outreach efforts. Apart from this, it can also highlight a specific call to action that is swiftly engaged. 

Web design should be regarded as a branding tool. For best practices, web design should align with the company’s brand style guide. This entails using the correct color palette and showcasing branded custom illustrations to add character. 

The best websites also have multiple communication touch points. This enables the visitor to talk with a team member through email and chat. It can encourage them to subscribe to social media channels to stay in the loop. 


Social media

Graphic design reigns king in the visual world of social media. 

Its high impact on the performance of online marketing & branding campaigns is undeniable. Better yet, their effectiveness can be quantified using data that tracks conversion rate. It’s been shown that the best graphic designs grab attention and increase click-through rates on social media ads. 

In addition, scroll-stopping creativity gets the main stage on social media platforms. However, they’re only half of the story. Additionally, it’s important to have precise targeting so that your ads are being seen by the right people. Marketers looking to capture more qualified leads should evaluate the quality of their graphic designs alongside the effectiveness of their audience targeting. 


Design Production

1. Graphic Design Freelancers

Frustrated with the exhausting search for world-class graphic designs for a reasonable price?  

You’re not alone. For decades the graphic design industry was vastly limited. 

You might have looked through some freelancer sites. It may initially appear to be the cheapest solution. However, poor quality control, pricing inconsistency, and communication issues can crop up. Freelancers can charge anywhere from $30 up to a whopping $250 per hour. Furthermore, if a design is unsatisfactory, any revisions will almost certainly warrant extra costs. Finally, trying to coordinate multiple freelancers to work on larger projects together adds unnecessary stress to your busy work schedule. 


2. Creative Agencies

And then there’s the other end of the spectrum: graphic design agencies that charge an eye-watering fee. Pricing alone puts them out of reach of many smaller businesses trying to get creative content within a reasonable budget.

They’re usually managing a high volume of design requests. You’ll be part of the queue of people waiting to get their designs or waiting to talk to an account manager. Speak to anyone working in an agency, and they’ll likely try to lower your expectations regarding deadlines. That’s because timelines are always changing as they juggle multiple marketing campaigns.

Finally, they charge high prices simply because they can. Most of their clients are legacy companies that are used to getting their designs the traditional way. By working with clients who may not be aware of more modern graphic design solutions, they’re able to keep prices up. You not likely to get your money’s worth when working with a graphic design agency. 


3. Internal Designers

Internal designers fall somewhere in between. While it may seem appealing to have an on-demand creative team that is familiar with the brand style, it’s actually much less cost-effective. First of all, salaries and computer hardware and software costs must be factored in. These are unavoidable overheads that come with maintaining an in-house team of designers.

Second, this option is much less scalable. When the creative workload decreases, you cannot quickly adjust headcount to compensate. On the other hand, when the demand for creative content increases, such as before a major marketing campaign, you’ll have to waste time recruiting and training designers.

Finally, there’s the issue of creative expression. Their work may eventually feel uninspiring after spending years working at the same company. Moreover, customers are always on the lookout for refreshing, original designs. For that you may benefit from a fresh pair of creative eyes. 


4. Unlimited Design Subscription

For many years, there was no middle ground for businesses that wanted high quality designs, seamlessly delivered on time, but could not (and should not) justify forking over huge amounts of cash. 

Unlimited graphic design services were created to fill in this gap. It is now possible to have an on-demand, affordable and efficient graphic design team that scales with your business growth. 

This type of creative partner delivers highly engaging and converting designs without any hidden fees. Their deep familiarity with creative trends supports even the most demanding of campaigns. It also drives results across multiple channels.

Their flexible model puts the power back into your hands. You can conveniently choose the most cost-effective plan that best matches your needs. And, what if those change? No worries- you’ll always be able to upgrade or cancel your plan whenever required. 

Online design work is built into their DNA. They work with clients from a variety of countries and time zones. This tech-savvy team is continually optimizing the creative process. They are making it more efficient and user-friendly. 

It’s easy to see why more and more companies around the world are turning to unlimited graphic design services to offload their creative workload. 

Here are 15 reasons why unlimited graphic design services make the most sense for entrepreneurs and teams looking to truly get the most value out of their money. 


15 Reasons Why On-Demand Unlimited Graphic Design Subscriptions Rule

1. Pricing Transparency

It’s time to say “goodbye” to hidden fees. 

With DotYeti’s monthly plans, you benefit from unlimited graphic designs and unlimited revisions for a flat rate starting from $449 per month (more discounts for longer subscriptions). We dislike unexpected charges ourselves. That’s why we’ve made it one of our core values to be upfront about pricing and what each plan covers. You’ll certainly know exactly what you’re getting and how much each month will cost. 

We’re not here to surprise you with fees. We’re here to get your creative work done in the most efficient way possible! 


2. Reliable High Quality

Our designers are professionals who go above and beyond to help bring your idea to life. We consistently outperform our competitors in terms of quality and our clients regularly compliment our creativity.

In line with that, we believe that our design skills speak volumes by action, more than words. Therefore, DotYeti’s services come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.


3. Fast Turnaround Time

We are familiar with the need for lightning fast turnaround arounds. DotYeti commits to a turnaround time of 48 hours depending on the complexity of the design brief. Therefore, no more stressing over missing a deadline. We have a clear and transparent workflow. You’ll always be kept in the loop on project status and expected delivery dates. You can depend on us to stick to agreed-upon dates so that you’ll never have to delay your important dates ever again. 


4. Unlimited Revisions

Revisions are a normal part of the design process. And we never cap your imagination by fixing a number of revision requests.

Who knows when a creative spark will hit? It’s best to work together to make sure a design hits all your marketing goals, instead of leaving a project half-finished.

As part of your unlimited graphic design plan, you’ll get unlimited revisions without any extra charges. On the contrary, when working with freelancers or agencies, you can only go so far with revisions before communication conflicts and output quality concerns arise. Such obstacles are avoided with DotYeti. 


5. Long term Growth

DotYeti strongly believes in sustainable, long-term partnerships. To us, you’re never just a number. We’re never racing to be done with your project and on to the next client. We want to learn more about your brand as you grow. We’ll know we’ve succeeded when you trust us to grow with your business, no matter where that goes

We don’t like to bind our clients to long-term contracts. This is because we, as graphic designers, know that creative workloads naturally change. You have the ability to pause, resume, upgrade or cancel your plan to get the perfect match for your needs. We’re ready to be your creative partner at all times and support all levels of graphic design needs. 


6. World-class Clients 

We’ve collaborated with over 100 well-known, multinational brands who rely on DotYeti to deliver on-brand, powerful, and converting designs. Furthermore, we are deeply committed to maintaining rigorous quality standards so that our designs, shown to millions of people worldwide, continue to supercharge marketing efforts. 

Aside from working with larger clients, we are truly proud of our work with smaller businesses. DotYeti offers high quality creative output for an entry level price as part of our mission to make graphic design accessible. We believe that everyone, no matter their budget and experience, should have the best creative support to bring their ideas to life.


7. Incomparable Originality & Creativity 

Your unique visual identity is what sets you apart from the competition. Therefore, they shouldn’t be passed over when a potential customer encounters them for the first time. To us, designs are more than just designs. They’re an extension of your business, and they should look for the job! 

Other alternative graphic design services work with templates. Therefore, you’ll notice this in designs that feel unimaginative. Instead of treating your request with utmost importance, you’ll get a slightly modified version of a pre-existing design that they feel is sufficient for your needs. 

Most of the time, that’s not what you’re looking for. 

DotYeti takes a more personalized approach. We specialize in original, customized designs that are specially made to power up your campaigns. Moreover, we assign a personal graphic designer for your entire project to make sure all designs are on-brand. 

Your brand story and vision are unique. Your graphic designs should be too. 


8. Versatile Graphic Design Team 

We know that marketing campaigns these days need more than one type of design. Our team of multi-talented graphic designers offers one of the most extensive portfolios in the industry.

DotYeti creates logos, graphics, web designs, videos, GIFs, banners, merchandise designs, illustrations, and much more. Furthermore, all designs are purposefully made to amplify your messaging and convert leads into customers. 

As a result, this versatility makes DotYeti a one-stop-shop for all your graphic design needs. 

  • The Basic plan ($449 per month) covers simple requests such as banners, social media graphics and posters
  • The Premium plan ($1,145 per month) expands to cover custom illustration, GIFs, logo & branding, merchandise design and animations 
  • The Royal plan ($2,395 per month) is best suited for clients looking for a full scale on-demand creative team and includes video editing and web page design

To summarize, there is something for everyone. Here, you get to choose exactly what you need without any extra hassle. 

Instead of having to juggle multiple freelancers for each project, simply offload your entire creative production, so you can focus on what matters most.

9. Brilliant Design Pioneers

Our creative team is helmed by Art Directors and staffed by graphic designers who are most sought after for their talent and experience. 

We are proud of the high quality of our design work and the trust that our clients place in us every day. We maintain this trust by selecting only top talent graphic designers who are able to creatively interpret your ideas and put pen to paper in the most visually stunning way. 

Furthermore, DotYeti was one of the first graphic design platforms with a true online operation. All of our designers are pioneers in their own right as the new wave of digital creatives. 

Productivity and creativity are limitless and we’re building at the frontier. 


10. Built for the Future 

Investing in graphic design services has proven to be an excellent investment for startups to multinationals to e-commerce shops. That is to say, as more consumers gain Internet access, your website or social networking page is usually their first port of call when researching a product. In this highly competitive surge of businesses pushing out content, we want to help you outshine your competition through attention-grabbing designs. 

Curious to know the most effective ad anatomy for your images to always be at the top of the news feed? Wondering if GIFs will boost your engagement rates? Thinking about extending your brand exposure by creating merchandise designs? 

We love helping businesses reach greater heights as we help unleash their full creative potential. We will make sure that you’re never a step behind in the digital world.


11. Sleek Design Platform

We created our feature-rich and user-friendly design platform to deliver a streamlined creative experience. We’re very proud of our tech team. They addressed each client’s pain point and developing a proprietary platform that solves all of them. Here are a few features we’d like to highlight:

  • Submit your request, receive status updates, chat with your design team and get files all in one place
  • On image feedback tool that lets you show your designer exactly where you’d like revisions to be made
  • Ability to add unlimited brand profiles


12. Always-On Customer Support 

We’re all about communication at DotYeti!

Whether that’s ensuring smooth communication with you, among team members dialing in from different countries, or in the designs that communicate with your target audience. 

There are always multiple ways to get in touch with our team. You can launch a chat on the platform or reach out via the chat icon on the website. Additionally, feel free to shoot us an email, talk to your Personal Yeti, or schedule meetings at the most convenient time for you. 

You’re always guaranteed to be speaking to a human—not a robot—whenever you need our support.

13. Free illustration library

Our free illustration library lets you pick and choose from over 150 world-class illustrations in 4 different styles. They’re ready to add a pop of color, character, and energy to your marketing materials!

The library has been curated by our crew of professional graphic designers. It covers the widest variety of topics, interests and categories. Thinking about a colorful illustration to promote your yoga course? Looking to spruce up your furniture sale campaign? Need an illustration to drive home a key message? Look no further. You’ll find all these designs and more in our library. We’re delighted to offer this resource for free to everyone looking for creative support.


14. Design Credits

We meant it when we said we were committed to maximum creative freedom! 

It may not make much sense for clients with smaller creative workloads to subscribe to an unlimited graphic design plan. In other words, why commit to paying for illustrations, logos, and banners when you’re unsure about when you might need them? Our design credits take care of this stress. 

Other graphic design services are rigid in their monthly subscriptions. However, we’re happy to go the extra mile by offering design credits that can be purchased now and redeemed later. Furthermore, our design credits have lifetime validity. This means you can quickly fire up creative horsepower whenever the need arises without having to worry about monthly subscriptions. Purchase discounted credit bundles and redeem them whenever you want to.


15. Perks Program

Last but not least, we’re proud to offer exclusive discounts for our favorite productivity apps. Our clients sometimes confide to their Personal Yetis about the roadblocks that they were experiencing in other areas of their business.

In response, we set out to brainstorm a list of apps that we believed would effectively help tackle these roadblocks. Afterwards, we tested out the products ourselves. Finally, the shortlisted few were chosen to feature in our perks program. We’ve even integrated them into our own workflow to help us work better together as a team. 



In conclusion, the possibilities for graphic design are limitless and there are many services to choose from. Most importantly, it is advisable that you invest in a high-quality graphic design service that is affordable and scales with your business growth.

Firstly, in-house teams are expensive to maintain and not scalable. Secondly, an agency doesn’t prioritize communication and they charge high fees. Finally, freelancers are certainly challenging to find and coordinate. However, collaborating with the right graphic designer frees up more time and resources so you can do what matters most. 

DotYeti is an unlimited graphic design subscription service. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, from multinationals to startups, to level up their marketing campaigns. Needless to say, our designs are seen by millions of audiences worldwide and trusted to effectively communicate key messages. We’ve created logos, banners, videos, animations, website designs, illustrations, and much more.

Our designs are visually appealing, on-brand, and remarkably creative. Furthermore, they drive marketing results and sales. Our team works with you to ensure that every creation is aligned with your goals. 

Equally as important, clients appreciate our dedication to excellent customer service. We want to personally show you how incredibly seamless the creative journey can be. We accomplish this through productive communication and meeting all our deadlines so that you never have to worry about meeting yours. 

Exclusive Perks

Our design platform makes getting your designs a streamlined and hassle-free experience. Additionally, we’re proud to offer a Create & Accelerate program for early-stage startups, design credits, and a free illustration library.

Graphic design for marketing in 2022 is incredibly important. Investing in a graphic design team that understands all the ins and outs will meaningfully improve your marketing goals.

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