15 Creative Influencers of 2024 to Check Out for Inspiration

It’s no secret that creative Influencers spend years mastering their field. In order for them to build a reputation as being the best in what they do, their expertise and knowledge about visual design need to be rock solid. Furthermore, they need to be able to inspire others to venture into the creative field. 


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However, only a handful of people can truly inspire creativity in others. Here are 15 inspiring creative influencers to look out for in 2024!


1. Lizzie Peirce 

Creative Influencers of 2022 to Check Out for Inspiration - DotYeti Listicle

Image from LIZZIE PEIRCE  

Lizzie Peirce is a strong woman who seeks to inspire young women to start their own creative business. She pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a business owner, a photographer, and an influencer by applying her mantra “If she can do it — I can do it” in everything she does. 

Moreover, Lizzie built her own business called “Hau Media Operations Inc.” with her fiance Chris Hau. They specialize in corporate videos that eventually changed to travel and commercial content. A few remarkable companies she worked with are Meridian Credit Union, Toyota, Northface, Mercedes Benz, Panasonic, and Canadian Tire. 

Merging her experiences as a corporate Producer/Director with her passion for Photography and Cinematography, she began creating video tutorials and tips for photography, vlogs, and short films on YouTube. She now has over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube and 115,000 followers on Instagram. 


2. Will Paterson 

 Creative Influencers of 2022 to Check Out for Inspiration - DotYeti Listicle

Image from Will Paterson  

Will Paterson is a Logo Designer and Hand Lettering Artist that specializes in Logotype Design and Brand Identity. 

His YouTube Channel has 456,000 subscribers, proving that he is one of the most knowledgeable artists there is. Moreover, the content he produces varies from redesigning famous logos to the best graphic designs and logo design challenges. If you’re looking for a channel that has everything you need to know about logo designs and hand lettering tutorials, Will Paterson’s channel is the best option for you. 


3. The Futur 

 Creative Influencers of 2022 to Check Out for Inspiration - DotYeti Listicle

Image from LinkedIn

Based in California, The Futur is a collection of artists on a mission to teach 1 billion people how they can make a living by doing what they love. 

One of the values they strongly believe in is that investing in a student’s education should not consist of paying for buildings, parking lots, or administrators. As a result, they created their own platform that consists of technologists, inspirational professionals, and learning designers that teach their audience skills related to content marketing, graphic design, project management, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, stress management, and strategic planning. 

Their YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers with 51 million views since it started in 2012. 


4. Gareth David Studio 



For graphic designers who want to enhance their skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects, Gareth David can help you out. Gareth has over 13 years of experience from working at over 35 design studios. If that’s not enough to impress you, he is also a mentor at Kingston University. 

Gareth’s passion to lead and create innovative designs has won the approval of a wide range of triumphant brands around the world. His channel on YouTube has over 500,000 subscribers that all enjoy his videos related to digital art, designer reviews, tips,  and tools. 



5. Paola Kassa 

 Creative Influencers of 2022 to Check Out for Inspiration - DotYeti Listicle

Image from Paola Kassa 

Paola Kassa is a graphic designer, YouTube influencer, and blogger. On her YouTube channel, you will see videos about her art, how freelancing works, vlogs about job hunting and art school. 

She aspires to keep sharing her creativity and interest in the history of art content and designs with the world. Her YouTube channel has over 45,000 subscribers. 


6. Roy Selbach

Creative Influencers of 2022 to Check Out for Inspiration - DotYeti Listicle

Roy Selbach is the Co-Founder of DotYeti.com, a graphic design platform that offers unlimited design services for an affordable price. He gained 7 years’ worth of digital marketing experience from working for small and large-scale businesses in more than five different countries. His career started working as a graphic designer for Malaysia Airlines. Afterward, he became a digital transformation consultant for a real estate firm.

DotYeti has more than 100 prestigious clients worldwide like The Voice Holland, UnionBank, WeTV, Talk, and TikTok. Listen to this podcast on Spotify to learn more about how DotYeti started. 


7. Satori Graphics 


 Creative Influencers of 2021 to Check Out for Inspiration - DotYeti Listicle

Image from  Pinterest  


Learning about the principles of graphic design is made easy with the help of Satori Graphics videos headed by Tom Cargill. Tom is an established graphic designer in the United Kingdom who specializes in logo design and brand identity projects. 

His zealous approach to graphic designs has inspired thousands of people to create and enhance their own art that gained him over 529,000 subscribers since 2014. In his YouTube Channel, you can find video tutorials about the psychology of graphic design, isometric design tutorials in Adobe Illustrator, typography, and poster designs. 


8. Femke 


 Creative Influencers of 2022 to Check Out for Inspiration - DotYeti Listicle

Image from Femke Design  


 A product designer for Uber Eats, Femke Van Schoonhoven is a force to be reckoned with. In her YouTube Channel, she shares her experiences as a graphic designer which cover topics from user research, and UX designs to prototyping and products. 

There are several interviews, features, and talks about Femke around the web. Here are a few of them you can check out: 


9. Hello, I’m Alexa 

 Creative Influencers of 2022 to Check Out for Inspiration - DotYeti Listicle

Image from Alexa Herasimchuk  


A product designer in the tech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alexa Herasimchuk is a go-getter who is committed to designing technology and experiences that can help advance technology fitted for the future. 

During her free time, Alexa creates videos that help inspire young creatives to become better designers by giving them a glimpse of what are the design systems you need to know as a UX designer and tips about the careers in the tech industry. 


10. Mike Locke 

 Creative Influencers of 2022 to Check Out for Inspiration - DotYeti Listicle

Image from Mike Locke


Recognized as a multi-talented creative leader, Mike Locke is a successful senior UI/UX designer that specializes in various fields including visual UI design, problem-solving, user-based design principles, UX design, UX research, product development, agile scrum, and front-end development.

Mike spent 20 years mastering and developing designs, products, and web apps that have remarkable life spans. A true visionary and creative genius, Mike is a creative influencer every graphic designer should learn from. His YouTube channel has over 100,000 subscribers today. 


11. The Simple Designers 


The Simple Designers is a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing graphic design tutorials that will ignite the creative juices of every art enthusiast. They specialize in illustrations, icons, logos, and graphic design videos. 

By watching their videos, you can learn how to create and strengthen your design skills. The majority of their videos are less than 20 minutes long which means it won’t consume much of your time. 


12. Dan Gartman 

Creative influencer, Dan Gartman, is known for his whimsical and colorful illustrations on YouTube. His fun and imaginative art have the ability to capture the attention of his viewers and he shows them how he does it on his channel. 

He combines his skills in different mediums like handmade drawings with digital art, ink graphics, tattoos, and papercrafts to create a final product that makes you feel like you’re in Wonderland. 


13. Matt Borchert 

 Creative Influencers of 2022 to Check Out for Inspiration - DotYeti Listicle

Image from Matt Borchert


With 15 years of experience combined, Matt Borchert specializes in design and UX research. He was able to create outstanding designs for various companies throughout his years of working and gained lessons on how to improve his skills. 

On his YouTube channel, he shares tips and techniques that could potentially save a lot of time for designers who use Photoshop and Illustrator. 


14. Shawn Barry Creative 


If you’re looking for a detailed step-by-step procedure on how to create outstanding graphic designs, Shawn Barry is the creative influencer for you. His YouTube channel has various selections from beginners to advanced design theories and techniques, his videos can be used to build an indestructible foundation for your design skills. 


15. Sam Ushiro 

Creative Influencers of 2022 to Check Out for Inspiration - DotYeti Listicle

Image from framebridge.com


Known for her love for unicorns and donuts Sam Ushiro is a stylist, industrial designer, and the CEO and founder of Aww, Sam!. Her blog is dedicated to making her clients’ life more colorful and fun through DIY’s and parties marked with her signature Aww, Sam! style. 

Well-known brands that partnered with her are Target, Dunkin Donuts, and Google. You can also see her site featured on Refinery29, Buzzfeed, Martha Stewart, and The Glitter Guide.


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