DotYeti Spotlight: Best Designer for August 2023

Introducing our best designer for the month of August. 


When you need a digital designer, who are you going to call? You should hit up Carlos M., DotYeti’s Best Designer for August 2023. 

In this blog, we’ll highlight his journey to becoming a designer, his personal approach toward creative projects, and his advice for up-and-coming artists. 

But first, a little rewind. 

This is Carlos, he joined DotYeti back in March 2021. He handles a variety of projects as a Speedy Yeti, executing projects related to graphic design (like digital ads, social media posts, and posters), photo manipulation, as well as logo and branding. 

But that’s not really what Carlos thought he would be doing as a career, he said. 


A creative journey 

Because of his love for video games, he initially thought he would end up as a concept artist. 

A creative mind ever since, he shares how, when he was younger, he would illustrate Pokemons at the back of his notebook. That’s not all though, he also created a game he played with his siblings, using their imagination to think of unique attack combos!

Carlos then attended university, majoring in Multimedia Arts, which was focused on filmmaking. 

Somewhere along the way, he got into graphic design. And from there, he got the idea to start posting posters once a day, which you can check here


Learning from YouTube? 

“My style is more focused on expressive typography or custom types.”

And as you can see from his personal platform, he does have a penchant for stretching out letters and also pushing the boundaries of traditional type. 

But where he got this personal style might surprise you.

Carlos says that he draws inspiration from artists on YouTube, who taught him valuable Photoshop and photo editing skills. 

He cites Chris Do’s The Futur Youtube channel as one of his inspirations. Carlos says “he’s like the best mentor I never had”. And whatever digital skills school did not teach him, he learned online. 

He even says that his current skill set has been “largely shaped by Youtube.”’

Apart from Youtube, he enjoys discovering new artists through Instagram and other social media sites.


Words of wisdom

For Carlos, there’s no such thing as a creative box. “Ang sinasabi ko sa sarili ko wag mong isiksik yung sarili mo sa isang skill lang, parang more on develop more skills.”

(I tell myself that I shouldn’t confine myself to one skill only, and develop other skills.)

In fact, he wants to play around with 3D art, video editing, branding, logos–and not just photo manipulation or layout. After all, it was when he was in DotYeti where he first tried his hand at doing branding projects. 

His advice to other artists? Constantly seek out references or designers whose creations resonate with your own. He also encourages designers to “dig deep while solving the needs of the clients.”

That is, don’t suppress their personal style for anyone! 


His favorite project

Take this project he did for DeFiStruct as an example. Drawing from his passion to create worlds and build stories out of images, he was inspired to create this web illustration from scratch.

Take a closer look, and you’ll see that this illustration has more stories to tell than meets the eye.

It also tells you a lot about Carlos’ modern style, calculated use of elements, and mastery of photo manipulation.


Fun facts about Carlos

In his spare time: He plays Diablo 4, watches sports, and binges shows like Breaking Bad and crime dramas.

How he describes his style: Modern and trendy. 


Project highlights from Carlos M.

Need more context about Carlos’ artistic strengths? Here are some more creative projects from him!


High-end Appliances branding proposal

A sleek and modern branding and logo proposal.


Zestiva Manuka Honey social media post

A Beautiful and dynamic social media ad for a monthly sale.


MC visuals poster

A fun and adventurous visual for MC.


Designer Spotlight: August 2023 Honorable Mention 


Melissa C. is another outstanding designer who stood out this month.  Read how her Art Director describes her work ethic.

DotYeti has seasoned designers who are growing their artistic skills. To get quality designs with a unique spunk, book a demo today!

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