6 Places Where You Can Download Free Fonts

Find out where you can download free fonts and take your branding project to the next level. 


Ah, free fonts. Nothing beats the satisfaction of finding the perfect font for your graphic design project. A good font can elevate your design and give it an extra layer of dimension. It can convey a new meaning or double down on a brand’s identity. 

Either way, we love all kinds of fonts! Funky, groovy, elegant, bold—each one brings its own special character to a design. 

That being said, here are the top six websites where you can download free fonts online! 


1. DaFont

DaFont screenshot

This classic website is every design beginner’s dream font library. Think of it as a font archive where you can easily look up styles that would fit your project. It’s not as clean or aesthetic-looking as the other sites on the list…but it makes up for it with variety. 

They’ve got it whether it’s calligraphy, dingbats, fancy, basic script. 

We like DaFont because you’ve got over 80K fonts to choose from. Plus, with their font sections, it’s incredibly easy to index and search for fonts in the style you want. 


2. Open Foundry

download free font website

If you want something more refined and modern, we recommend checking out Open Foundry. Unlike DaFont which has a wide, more general selection, you’ll find mostly basic serif and sans serif options here. 

This site is a great font discovery tool for visual designers, who want to see what the font looks like. 

The best part? The Open Foundry website is interactive, so you can actually tweak the text’s font size, kerning, and tracking!


3. Google Fonts

free icons website

Speaking of interactive and user-friendly sites, here’s Google Fonts. Because of its foreign language font options and its icons and symbols file, this site is probably the most comprehensive of the list.  

This is a great resource for UX designers who can easily plugin the Material Symbols feature on Figma. 

And designers, if you ever need a refresher on your typography skills, Google works with typography experts around the world to teach you how to integrate expressive type and icons into your work.  


4. Tropical Type

Looking for display fonts free? Then Tropical Type is the place to be. It’s a must-visit site for solopreneur designers who don’t want to spend hours scrolling to find the most unique and trendy fonts around. 

Now, don’t be surprised if you see type typefaces for sale. For most fonts on the website, you do have to pay them to get access. But we did promise that this list was all about free design goods. 

If you sign up for their newsletter, they’ll send over their latest font releases and a suite of free design elements.


5. Freefaces.gallery

Simon Foster’s freefaces.gallery is a carefully curated collection of modern typefaces around the Internet. 

It doesn’t have nearly as many options as DaFont, but we’re giving it a day in the sun for just how excellent and well-crafted the whole project is. It’s a great place to look if you want a modern utilitarian type. 


6. The League of Movable Type

download free font

Want to use the same fonts as brands like Subway, 7-Eleven, Barbie, and more? There’s The League of Movable Type, an open-source font library that’s been in the business since 2009. 

The best way to describe their collection of fonts is classic, refined typefaces that would pair best with  And if you’re a true-blue typography nerd, you’ll love their newsletter. 


Finding your ideal typeface shouldn’t be a tough exercise of your surfing skills. Just check out the items from this list. You’ll be able to find and download free fonts and use them in your projects in no time.

Discover the hottest typography trends, typography do’s and don’ts, and more in our creative blog. 


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