These Top Font Trends Will Be Everywhere in 2024

Typography is an indispensable part of graphic design. That’s why these top font trends are guaranteed to make a splash this year. 

Font choices are one of the biggest decisions brand strategists can make. Despite what many think, you can convey a lot about your brand with only your font combinations. So, if you’re looking to get inspired with your next visual branding project, you’re in luck. 

This article unveils the top 20 fonts you’re most likely to see this year. From geometric sans serif to groovy retro designs, there is a hell of a lot of top font trends you can choose from this year. 

  • Groovy retro designs
  • Variable font aesthetic
  • Classic and geometric sans serif
  • Wavy vintage aesthetic
  • Mid-century chic
  • Unique slab serifs
  • Edgy and futuristic

Groovy retro designs

If there’s one thing that you can expect to see next year, it’s the flourishing of groovy and retro-inspired typefaces. Retro modern fonts are friendly for most businesses, but they work best with fashion, beauty, and apparel brands. 

font trends

Stay Kind by Sans and Sons

font trends

Peache Mango by TypeFounderStudio

These font styles are characterized by stylistic ligatures, with gentle grooves and rounded edges. Don’t be surprised to see bubbe fonts enter this trend either. Some type designers take this inspiration a step further and explore wavy, gloopy, and psychedelic shapes.  


Variable font aesthetic

If there’s one thing that type designers love this year, it’s flexibility and variance. As graphic designers are venturing into more experimental aesthetics, type is also getting more and more quirky in character. 

font trends

Flexible by Art Grootfontein

font trends

Presto by Type Juice

Variable fonts come in different weights and can be highly customizable depending on your project. It’s great for magazine editorials, brutalist aesthetics, and urban brands that want to do an unpolished and grunge look. 


Classic and geometric sans serif

Accessibility is a big thing this year. That may be why classic and geometric sans-serif fonts are coming back. This year, reading should be easy on the eyes. We expect beloved types like Avenir, Helvetica Neue, and Futura to resurface in new brands. 

font trends

Trade Gothic by Linotype

font trends

FS Me by Fontsmith

These typefaces are perfect for book covers, minimalist product packaging, and tech-related designs. They give off an uncomplicated yet polished look, whether it’s used in print or digitally. You can pair them with modern serifs for a clean and organic vibe. 


Wavy vintage aesthetic

If there’s one thing we’re going to see, it’s vintage-inspired typefaces. Some type designers take inspiration from calligraphy and create light and elegant ligatures. But for us, the wavy vintage aesthetic is a standout.  

Lostar by Riyadh Rahman

Grand Haven Font by pentagonistudio

Ethereal and dreamlike, these fonts have highly stylistic ligatures and wavy lines. Because of this, they are great to use as display fonts. Plus, their stylistic shapes perfectly complement vintage backdrops. Finally, these are great for lifestyle brands that are drawn into the celestial and dark academic aesthetic. 


Mid-century chic

Much like the classic geometric sans serif, designers who want subtle architectural lines can turn to mid-century style fonts. These designs are reminiscent of the classic American silhouette, with highly structured lines and retro proportions. 

Between Century by Adam Fathony

Layfort by Identity Letters

Mid-century fonts are versatile fonts for any niche but work best in the fields of art, architecture, and luxury. Pair it with a neutral color palette and you’ve got a perfect formula for modern industrial elegance. Finally, it’s also a good idea to mix serifs and sans serifs for a classic look.  


Unique slab serifs

On the other hand, slab serifs are a staple typography format that has blocky and thick shapes. Because of this, slab serifs typically function best as a display type. These chunky fonts are great for emphasis, especially when used in print advertising. 

font trends

Rigeko by Zealab Fonts Division

font trends

Dirk by Central Type Company

Slabs come in different forms, and the best ones have geometric or southwestern influence. Recently though, it’s become trendy to pair expressive slab serifs work with bright bubblegum aesthetics that pair well with food and retail brands. 


Edgy and futuristic 

At the same time, this trend list wouldn’t be complete without an homage to 80s intergalactic cinema. If you’re looking to add a sci-fi element to your design, these subtly futuristic fonts are for you. They’re quite chunkier than your average type, which makes them a stunning display font. 

Basilisk by Factory738

Jetlab by Swell Type

These fonts are great for editorial visuals, posters, music videos, album covers, and other grand and cinematic content. Pair them with a grainy and brutalist backdrop or Star Wars-esque visuals and you’re set to conquer the universe and beyond. 


[Bonus] Y2K Top Font Trends You’ve Got To Use This Year

Ransom Font

Collection by OnlyGFX

Meanwhile, magazine clipping cutouts are having a moment right now. The ransom font trend will take off in 2023 with brands paying homage by using magazine clippings or by using different fonts for each letter. 

Cartoon Cyber

The Bratsy Script by figuree studio

Do you remember Totally Spies or the Bratz Dolls? If you do, chances are you’ll recognize the colorful and bold cartoon look. Type designers are putting the skinny thick serifs and colored outlines back into the trend vocabulary. 

Baseball Sporty

Le Brond by Fateh Lab

Next, coming off of the renewed interest in the college varsity aesthetic, we’re sure to see slab serifs return with more of an athletic spirit. 

Liquid Metal 

Aurora Lights by Lazy Holiday Studio

Liquid metal fonts have been a staple in Y2K design. And this year, we expect to see these types of font trends continue, albeit in a bubble format so it amps up the psychedelic vibe. 


Play around with top font trends and the most up-to-date design choices of the year. Read our other trend stories and get the latest industry news. 

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