Top Comic Book Artists in 2024

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world of comic books or if you’re a lifelong reader—you can’t deny that there is something special about the characters and the art itself that reels you in! The top comic book artists in 2024 can tap into this wonder. Their life lessons, told through the eyes of their characters, shape us and stay with us for life. 


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People often praise comic books for either the character development or the writing style. In some cases people resonate with both. Therefore, if you want to know who ranks highest among the greats, we’ve listed down the top 5 comic book artists you definitely need to watch out for. 


Top 5 Comic Book Artists in 2024


1. Jack Kirby

Known as the King of Comics, Jack Kirby is a popular self-taught comic book artist, writer and editor. Numerous classic characters in the Marvel and DC universe can thank him for their creation. In fact, he’s regarded by many as the most influential creator of all time. 

Throughout the years, Jack Kirby’s passion for comics influenced future generations of artists and readers. His ability to draw out of this world characters combined with his amazing storytelling continues to be legendary. 


2. Will Eisner 

Will Eisner is the creator of well-known comics such as The Spirit and Contract With God. Highly regarded as a great artist and an absolutely incredible storyteller, Will Eisner’s comics continue to engage readers across. generations

Will Eisner was a pioneer in many ways. He was one of the first to play around with panels so they looked like windows of an apartment building. Additionally, he designed the title to act as an edge, and a brilliant storytelling tool. All of this barely scratches the volume of his work. 


3. Neal Adams

Oftentimes, comic book illustrations are described as cartoony and unrealistic. However, Neal Adams changed the industry with his realistic illustration style.

His work from the late Silver and Early Bronze ages of comic books, influenced today’s art styles. Furthermore, the expressions of his characters were something comic readers hadn’t seen before. Some say his shading helped pave the way for illustrations that look almost 3D. 


4. Carl Barks

Carl Barks—known for his Disney comic books—is the artist we can all thank for Donald Duck’s family. His most important contribution is Scrooge McDuck.

Although his style is Disney-inspired, Barks’ contributions to stories and overall storytelling are out of this world. He influenced future comics, films,  and even has an asteroid named after him! 


5. Harvey Kurtzman

Harvey Kurtzman is best known for being the creator of Mad Magazine. However, outside of his works on satire and parody, he is an absolutely remarkable comic book illustrator.

He leans towards a minimalist artistic style where everything is broken down to the absolute essentials. As a result, he has maintained a unique storytelling style over the years. 

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