5 Holiday Graphic Design Ideas For Your Business

‘Tis the season of holiday graphic design! Yes, it’s that time of the year to update your social media posts, online ads and banners, and announcement posters. With thanksgiving making its way this fall and the gift-giving spirit just around the corner, it makes just about sense to get with the season and charm your customers with an awesome holiday aesthetic. It’s the perfect way to advertise holiday-themed merchandise or introduce any sales you’re releasing. To get you in the festive mood, here are 5 design ideas to match the season.

5 Holly-Jolly Holiday Graphic Design Ideas For Your Business


Holiday Branding

1. Yuletide Greetings: Santa-ypography

Holiday Typography - DotYeti.com Blog

They say pictures paint a thousand words. This idea takes that to a literal level. Get creative with festive fonts to form a seasonal character. It’s a simple yet classic design go-to for seasonal greetings on postcards, thank you notes, posters, your packaging, and all other types of promotional material. To accomplish this, go for simple forms to create such as:

  • Santa
  • Christmas Ornament
  • Christmas Tree
  • Wreath
  • Dreidel (Hanukkah)


2. Logos: Animate Some Whimsey


You don’t have to go a full 360 to make your logo season-ready. Much like what Google does on special occasions, you can animate something simple on or next to your logo. This can be used in social media platforms such as Facebook which allows you to set video profile pictures. This can also go on the company website. 

Here are some great simple animated element ideas you can try out:

  • Fallen leaves for autumn
  • A Cheeky Thanksgiving turkey
  • A Santa hat dangling from the top of your logo
  • Snowflakes!
  • An adorable snowman
  • A Christmas tree
  • Christmas lights subtly wrapped around
  • A Yeti (we call dibs!)
  • Candles for Hanukkah
  • Santa’s Sleigh


Festive Online Promotion

3. Cozy Fa-la-lAnimation Video Ads


This year, a lot of people are spending the holiday season at home, most likely away from friends or loved ones due to the current situation. Light up some spirits with animated videos that spark a bit of excitement for the holidays at home. Not only do videos have a large appeal towards a large audience, but they are also most likely to convince 64% of customers or more who view the video to buy your product. 



4. Charming Fa-la-lAnimated Web Design Features

Web Design Sale - DotYeti.com Blog

Own an online store? Then this is about the time that you’re releasing sales and discounts to draw in the online holiday shoppers. But you can do just a little bit more than slash prices. Add simple tweaks like a Kris Kringle pop up that announces your sales or a jolly Hero Image on your home page. It lets customers know that you’re in the holiday spirit. 


5. Merry Media Posts: Color Me Seasonal

Instagram Peg - DotYeti.com Blog

Almost nothing is more satisfying than a good color-coordinated Instagram feed. Many profiles on this picture-centric platform aim for aesthetically pleasing posts that work great on their own and when put together. A great idea is to play with the colors of your posts that show a smooth transition from autumn colors (yellow, orange, brown) to Christmas red. 

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Need Graphics? Skip the Elf, Call the Yeti

It’s always the season to spread joy, and graphic design does just that–it gives life to a brand’s visual identity. If you’ve got graphic design needs year-round, then how does an unlimited design package for a flat monthly fee sound? DotYeti.com is a graphic design subscription service that fulfills all your design needs at a starting rate of $499 a month. Only have a project for the holidays? Not a problem. You can cancel your subscription any time and hop back on when you need us again. 

Check out our unlimited design packages and select the one that suits your design needs. 

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