Best Logos Ever for Food Brands

If you’re looking for the best logos ever, these are some of the most creative branding work we’ve seen from F&B brands. 

Are you thinking of starting your own food business? Then you’d be competing with hundreds of cafes, catering services, personal chefs, and bakeries on the market. 

But don’t let that stop you! You can carve your own niche in the industry and stand out with your unique products and services, strong marketing campaigns, stellar customer service, and a solid visual identity. 

If you want your brand to create a strong impression, the best way to get started is to craft your brand identity.

In this article, we’re sharing the standout indie food brand logos we’ve seen around. 


1. Fly by Jing

From Fly by Jing

You’ve never seen (or tasted) chili oil quite like Fly By Jing’s. This woman-owned brand, inspired by the flavors of Chengdu, boasts a strong and personal branding that’s unapologetically Asian-American. 

Now, Fly By Jing’s logo is a simple custom wordmark. But don’t let that fool you, because the rest of their visual identity is anything but plain. Besides their strong brand colors, they also have stellar food visuals that are vibrant and bold. 

To drive home their brand story, they even include a short spiel in all their chili oil jars. 


2. Roll’d

From The Thrills

We’re keeping the ball rolling with the next item on the list, Vietnamese food joint Roll’d. This Australia-based brand also uses expressive typography to drive home the message of the brand. 

Apart from that, pay attention to the bright red font color. It immediately catches your attention and whets your appetite. 


3. Plenty

From Behance

This food brand’s look may seem simple at first glance, but this minimalist logo packs a visual punch. Veering away from the usual ‘organic’ and ‘natural aesthetic (aka the farms visual), this brand takes a fast-food approach to its branding work. 

So aside from a bold typeface, it’s bright colors like purple, yellow, and green that reign supreme in this visual identity. 


4. Goshen Coffee

From Toky

If there’s anything you need to know about Goshen Coffee it’s that their branding stays true to their name. Goshen, which is a combination of the words Good Shit Energy, is a master at maximalism. 

With bold typography, bright color palettes, and some funk-inspired elements, it’s the perfect branding design for an exciting brand.


5. Felicidad Bakery

best logos ever

From Behance

It seems only right that a brand called Felicidad has a smiling winky face as a logo. 

While most of the logos we’ve seen so far are wordmarks, Felicidad pushes the envelope by adding a small yet charming detail to their logo.


6. Baogr

From Behance

Expressive typography is still in baby! What better way to introduce a novel food concept than to do it in a vibrant and modern way?

This brand’s glowy color palette is a fusion of Asian and Western creative influences that all meld together in one giant bright brand personality. 


7. Gulp

From Tais Kahatt

Are silly illustrations back? Yes, there are. If you’ve ever had a bowl of food so good you just felt the urge to tip a bowl over your mouth and swallow it in one big gulp…the Gulp logo is right up your alley.

The brand identity is heavily inspired by street food imagery and evokes the raw feeling you get when you’re hungry.


8. Soma Brewing

From Behance

Plenty of beer brands don’t go for the modern look. Soma Brewing goes ahead of the curve with a contrasting color palette, and statement chunky retro font. 

The simplicity in their design choices is as refreshing as their beer flavors, that’s for sure. 


9. Peasy

best logos ever

From Behance

If you love puns and peas, you’ll love Peasy. This vegan food brand is crazily thorough about its creative direction.

With many puns, witty one-liners, and a retro font, you can see how in tune this brand is with their core values and brand personality. 


10. Komero

best logos ever

From Behance

Ready-to-eat meal startup Komero is more than just disrupting the healthy food business. They’re also bringing some much-needed boldness to their food packaging. 

As you can see, their big and bold logotype is written across all their products


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