[INFOGRAPHIC] Visual Design Terms Every Digital Marketer Should Know

Visual design terms that every digital marketer should familiarize themselves with more or less stay the same. Even though they’re different fields, tech-savvy marketers understand that graphic design and campaign performance go hand-in-hand.

The right creative design does three things for a business. First and foremost, it gets you to the top of the social feed. Second, it skyrockets your engagement rates. And third, it gets you surfing the wave of trending content.

But how familiar are they with the terminology of graphic designers? What exactly is a logotype? What does it mean when an image is too saturated or the aspect ratio is too low?

Here are some visual design terms every forward-thinking marketer should know. We believe that only through learning what to be on the lookout for, can marketers and creatives recognize when they’ve hit the jackpot: a graphic design that drives marketing KPIs and puts entire campaigns on the global stage.

visual design terms


Being familiar with these terms can develop the creative eye of marketers. Especially when they’re building ad campaigns with graphic designers. It also helps strengthen communication for both parties.

It’s no secret that clients and designers often have misunderstandings when it comes to creative direction. Something as simple as learning a few terms can lessen the number of revisions along the way.

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