Best Places To Learn Graphic Design Online

There are a ton of sites where you can learn graphic design online. But how do you know which ones are worth your time? This list will help you narrow down your choices.

And stick with us, because we’re recommending artists and courses from every platform. 

Like any skill, honing your graphic design ability can take time. For most designers, it can be a challenge to find workshops and classes that meet them at their level. And we agree. There won’t be one class or workshop that will be the best fit for all designers. 

Some might want to focus on working on design principles first. And others? It may be time for them to work on branding.

We considered that when coming up with this list. No matter your expertise level, our recommendations can help you take your design skills to the next level. 


On Youtube

Yes, we’re starting with the basics here. It’s a great (and free!) place to learn graphic design online.


The Futur

When it comes to the intersection between design and business, The Futur has mastered the art of creating knowledge-sharing content that empowers designers and creators to build their creative agency.

Some things you’ll learn: How to build a portfolio, present yourself to clients, and strengthen your brand.


Jesse Nyberg

We’re big believers that you don’t have to learn everything from tutorials. Sometimes, shadowing experts can be your ticket to success. Jesse Nyberg creates ‘design with me’ videos and ‘day in the life’ content to prepare you for the day-to-day of a designer. 

Some things you’ll learn: How to design custom cover art, how to diversify your income as a graphic designer, and how to find your happiness outside of work. (Now that’s relatable!)


On Udemy

Don’t skip the free courses available on Udemy too! The platform has a variety of classes for beginners and intermediate artists. 


Typography in UX/UI Design

Designers, don’t sleep on type! If you want your branding projects to take off, you need to invest some time learning how to do the basics of typography. This will come in handy when you’re going to choose font styles for any graphic design project. 

Some things you’ll learn: Aside from the basics, you’ll learn how to scale your font, and do responsive typography.


Graphic Design Bootcamps: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Need to work on your print and web design skills? This bestselling beginner course can set you up for success and help you land your first design role. 

Some things you’ll learn: How to make basic graphic design projects like e-books, posters, brochures, and business cards, set up your artist portfolio, and more! 


On Patreon

learn graphic design online


Most graphic design courses online don’t give follow-up tips and education. To be honest, it’s like a one-and-done thing. If you’re willing to shell out some money for long-term mentorship and community, then this is the place.  


Togue Studio

Get that quality training from a vetted expert! Depending on what you get, you can access anything from design freebies and templates to behind-the-scenes processes and intermediate lessons on design and business. 

Some things you’ll learn: How to design logos step-by-step in Illustrator, how to market yourself on social media, and how to strategize your design process. 


On Instagram

instagram screenshot

Is Instagram an unlikely place for you to learn graphic design online? Yes. Is it always a great way for you to learn some quick and easy tips? Also, yes. 


Lucy | Branding and Website Design 

Want to level up as a web designer? This Instagram creator should be on your priority list. 

Apart from giving you easy-to-follow graphic design templates, she also offers practical advice on how to land clients and find stock elements for your project. 

Some things you’ll learn: How to build a website product page, create a project proposal, and find the best free stock photographers. 


shaik jakir

Visual learners with short attention spans, rejoice! This Instagram page will teach you step-by-step how to use Photoshop more effectively in short snippets. 

Some things you’ll learn: How to replace color in Photoshop, how to do a billboard mockup, how to make a 3D packaging design, and more!


Other Platforms To Learn Graphic Design Online

They say you learn a lot by just watching masters at work. And there’s no better place to do that than Twitch, the livestreaming platform!

For community-based learning, you can also head on over to Discord and bond with artists from different backgrounds. You can even get feedback on your work. 

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