Where to Download Free 3D Icons For Your Next Design

Here are the best places to download free 3D icons for your next design project. 


One of the most popular design trends in 2023? The use of 3D elements in digital graphic design projects. Apart from adding a layer of dimension to your work, it’s also a vivid design choice that can engage your audience.

If you’re looking for a simple way to level up the visual complexity of your designs, then free 3D icons can do the trick. 

Add them to your design mockups, social media posts, business presentations, landing pages–and you’re set!


1. Free3DIcon

Now, here’s a simple site where you can easily find icon packs for the projects you need. Sometimes you don’t want to browse through thousands of options. With Free3DIcon, you can easily find work-related icons like documents, graphs, data, and more. 

We recommend this site if you’re working with clients in the finance, fintech, or investment sectors.



Yes, you read that right. You can also find free and paid 3D icons on this site. Rather than logo packs, we think this site is better for artists who want to download individual icons. 

One caveat though, artists have to attribute their free downloads to the artists. You have to go Pro and pay a fee if you don’t want to attribute. The site also poses some limitations: you can’t use it for merchandise, logos, or NFTs.  


3. 3dicons

Need 3D icons fast? You can probably find what you need in this 3dicons.co. It’s an open-source site where you can download icons for free personal and commercial use. Artists are free to copy, remix, share, and redraw these icons. 

The icon library contains over 120 icons in various camera angles and color styles. Oh, and you can even plugin 3dicons on your Figma, Sketch, and XD programs. You might want to check this site often because they’ve got more open-source 3D elements in the works. 


4. icons8

UI and UX designers, you’ve got to check out icons8. You can browse through their free icons catalog, which you can then recolor and customize. Apart from that, artists can also download free illustrations, stock photos, and design tools. 

Yes, they have Figma plugins so you can access their free icons easily. 

But how do they decide which icons to put out? Their artists draw about 20 most requested icons per day. And don’t worry, because all their icon designs are made in-house–you won’t get their designs anywhere else. 


5. IconScout

free 3d icons

Another place where you can find 3D icons and illustrations? IconScout.com! They’ve got all sorts of free and premium design assets up for grabs.  From flaticons to icon animations, you can find just what you need for your next project here. 

So far, the site has over 7.7M design assets to choose from. Users can view icons in packs or individually. 


Why You Should Consider Getting Free 3D Icons

Why download free icons instead of creating your own? Not every designer has the leisure of having time to craft 3D icons from scratch! 

You can work faster and more effectively with open-source icons.

Before using free icons though, be sure to read the terms and conditions applied by the sites and creators. Some will allow you to customize and even recolor their designs, but others have certain guidelines on whether you can use it for commercial use. 


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