[Updated] The Best Behance Graphic Designer Accounts of 2024

Looking for a Behance graphic designer accounts? We’ve compiled a small list of accounts you might want to check out. 


Behance is an amazing platform for creatives to show off their portfolio and publish case studies of their work. More than a place to showcase your projects though, it’s also a great platform to discover and follow new artists.

So if you’re looking for some awesome eye candy, here are the best Behance graphic designer accounts we’ve seen in 2024!


1. Siang Ching

Project by Siang Ching

Siang Ching is a graphic designer and illustrator from Singapore who loves working with patterns. 

Her portfolio of work includes packaging design for Barclays’ 2012 calendar, which depicted The Year of the Dragon. Her graphic design project, “Pattern Matters” explores the way that patterns can be used to process data through tangible paper. 


2. The Acid House

Project by The Acid House

Want something bright, fun, and fresh? Manila-based has the punchy animated visuals to quench your thirst for bright and dynamic designs. 

Their most recent works play on 3D elements in candy pastel colors. But in 2021, they were responsible for Spotify Southeast Asia’s ‘You Do You’ Fall Campaign. The project expresses the different musical moments of every music lover. 


3. John David Maza

Project by John David Maza

Next, if you’re looking for a type designer for hire, consider checking out John David Maza. This Philippines-based designer reimagines Latin and Baybayin fonts into something more modern and contemporary. 

Here’s his Taklobo Baybayin typeface, which is inspired by the giant clam of the same name that can be found in the Philippines.


4. Thomas Hedger

Project by Thomas Hedger

If there’s one thing that Thomas Hedger does best, it’s create retro pop art-ish illustrations that stick with you. His work combines a certain groove and playfulness that’s refreshing and pairs well with commercial brands.

Here’s his work with OFFBLAK, a tea brand that’s got zesty branding to match their delicious products.


5. Alexander Vidal

Project by Alexander Vidal

Next, are you looking for an artist who’s got a talent for drawing nature-based patterns and wild animals? Alexander Vidal, an LA-based designer, is definitely who you’re looking for. 

He specializes in packaging, branding, and illustrations. Plus, he has worked with some publications like The Nature Conservancy Magazine, which you can see below. 


6. NiceLab Studio

Project by NiceLab Studio

Meanwhile, if you’ve got a craving for out-of-the-box design for commercial brands, here’s NiceLab Studio. They like to play with typefaces and layouts to create one-of-a-kind brand identities. 

Here’s their work with Woo House, a bakery shop. Apart from using soft yellows as the brand colors, they also created a small dough mascot with recognizable features to help make the brand stand out. 


7. Denis Gonchar

Project by Denis Gonchar

Want to bring a splash of color into your life? Here’s Denis Gonchar, a digital artist who creates realistic portraits of celebrities.

However, we’re featuring Gemstone Rings designs here, which perfectly capture the intricate details of the jewelry piece. 


8. Valentin Tkach

Project by Valentin Tkach

Ever seen static illustrations that just stop you in your tracks? That’s how it feels like looking at Istanbul-based Valentin Tkach’s work. 

With a fondness for the color red, gritty textures, and powerful framing, it’s no wonder that their work has been featured in global publications like The Atlantic, The Hollywood Reporter, and more!

This sample work is an illustration for an article from the Danish publisher, Zetland.dk.


9. Laura Normand

Project by Laura Normand

Meanwhile, if you love blobs, curves, and anything that’s rounded, Parisian Laura Normand’s works are sure to bring you joy! 

Her Surrounded by Magical Nature project sees her signature bright-colored swirls twist around static photos of models, bringing a whimsical and storybook-like quality to them. 


10. Żaneta Antosik

Project by Żaneta Antosik

Next, we have another Europe-based designer. This time, it’s Żaneta Antosik, a Polish portraits and flower artist. Her floral patterns are drawn with exquisite detail, while her portrait work captures every shade and shadow with ease. 

One of her most recent works, which features moth and dragonfly illustrations, is as intricate as her other work, but with a more vintage vibe. 


11. Lena Tokens

Project by Lena Tokens

Want another illustrator who can expertly illustrate one element after another? That’s Lena Tokens, a freelance illustrator from the Dominican Republic.  

Her work has been expos all around the world. Plus, she’s worked iwth some of the biggest digital publications. 

And her illustration for Groupe RATP encapsulates her ability to draw complex concepts with ease and playfulness. 


12. Atipus Barcelona

Project by Atipus Barcelona

Finally, lifestyle brand marketers, this might be your next graphic designer! It’s none other than Atipus Barcelona, a Spanish graphic design agency that comes up with eye-catching design solutions. 

Their work for Madrid’s Municipal Markets shows their strong understanding of the visual language as well as their client’s value proposition.


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