Pantone Colors of 2022: How it Affects Designers and Marketers

As we approach the end of 2021, it’s time to predict the creative trends that we’ll be seeing next year. Many in the creative industry were heavily anticipating Pantone’s sneak peek into the colors they expect to dominate 2022. In other words, the Pantone team tapped into our global affairs and cultural movements to pick the Pantone colors of 2022 that best represent us.  Graphic designers and marketers will use these colors to create ads that drive engagement and sales.


And the global color authority has spoken.


Read on to find out which shades will influence graphic design, fashion and art in 2022.

Pantone Colors of 2022



Pantone has selected 10 standout colors that they expect to make a splash in 2022. In addition, they’ve nominated 5 core colors that will provide timeless style. The collection covers joyful tones, soothing pastels and earthy neutrals. It’s a simultaneous celebration of playfulness and a nod towards the need for calm inside all of us. They strike a balance between the familiar and adventure, between serenity and free-spirited optimism. Because of this, Pantone’ colors for 2022 are sure to resonate with everyone. 


Designers and marketers should take note. If you’re looking to connect with your audience and capture their attention, then these 15 shades should certainly give you a significant boost.


Vibrant, bold colors


Pantone’s trend report singles out the 3 primary colors that will help your graphics make a dramatic statement. Joyful Daffodil connects us to the delight of a spring garden. Skydiver brings to mind the deep blue ocean and the thrill of adventure. Finally, the bright heat of Poinciana resembles a tropical flowering blossom. 


Graphic designers and markets should use Daffodil, Poinciana and Skydiver to highlight key messages. These vibrant colors will pop against any crisp off-white or neutral background. Although they’re not exactly primary colors, Innuendo’s tantalizing magenta and Dahlia’s dynamic purple will increase the visibility of any graphic. 


Angelic Pastels


Gossamer Pink has a light and tender touch. This blush pink hue is immediately comforting and delightful to look at. Spun Sugar evokes similar emotions. It looks crisp and refreshing but also playful at the same time. 


Graphic designers and marketers should use Gossamer Pink and Spun Sugar as accent colors to make design more airy. These shades also work well with natural shades such as woody brown. 


Nature-inspired shades


2021 was all about reconnecting with ourselves and reevaluating our relationship with Mother Nature. And we’re continuing this journey into 2022. Pantone’s nature-inspired shades are serene and soothing. For example, Glacier Lake’s calming and cooling vibe instantly appeals to people looking for a breath of fresh air. In addition, the deeper teal of Harbor Blue reflects our search for peace. Finally, the earthy Coca Mocha conveys warmth with its rich coffee brown hues. 


Graphic designers and marketers can rely on these Pantone picks to capture attention while also inspiring a connection with nature. Eco-friendly brands can use Coca Mocha and Harbor Blue to strengthen their messaging. Brands that want to tap into a cool, refreshing, spring energy need look no further than Glacier Lake. 


The Core Classics


Pantone’s 5 core classic colors of 2022 are seasonless shades that are predicted to rise in popularity next year. Snow White is clean and pure, it expresses simplicity in its most beautiful form. Moreover, Perfectly Pale’s sandy beige reminds us of a sandy beach on a faraway, tropical island. Northern Droplet is a pale grey that evokes tranquility and stillness. In particular, it brings to mind a silent winter’s morning, just before dawn. On the other hand, the power of Poppy Seed’s deep grey is a versatile color that never goes out of style. Finally, a soft green called Basil was chosen for its health and wellness connection.


The core classic colors are guaranteed to give strong support to campaigns regardless of time. Graphic designers and marketers should use Perfectly Pale and Snow White to highlight crisp, bright tones. Tech and IT brands may find the simple colors a good fit as they also correlate to innovation. In addition, Perfectly Pale and Coca Mocha create a warm and cozy feel to graphics. They can be used by brands looking to invite shoppers into their online or brick and mortar stores. Poppy Seed should be applied for a moodier feel in graphics that aim to grab attention and provoke ideas. 


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Graphic designers and marketers are normally the first to move when news of upcoming creative trends start making headlines. It’s important to anticipate what will be popular next year and ensure that marketing materials are ahead of the curve. This way, campaigns always feel updated and aligned with what people are looking for. The Pantone colors of 2022 will almost certainly be cropping up very early next year as brands leverage the moment to push out content that has been given the stamp of approval by the color authority. 


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