Why Every Doctor Needs A Great Website



When you think you need a doctor and you don’t know any, you’re immediately at a loss. It seems taxing to go all the way to a hospital only to find they don’t have what you need. Sometimes, you also just feel too sick to get out of the house. You decide to try your luck online and here in the Philippines, you will most likely find nothing.

As a doctor, having a website is a huge advantage in reaching new clients in a passive way. Read on to know why.

1 / Convenience


A website is starting to become a need for doctors and other healthcare providers. In the Philippines, it’s an easy way to find a doctor who specializes in what you need with a simple search. With calling hospitals and waiting on hold for a long time, the internet can become an easy way for people to get ahold of doctors as it saves time and effort.

2 / Affordable

There’s no need to invest in print advertising which can only reach so much people. This way, you are able to reach people who are actually looking for doctors. At the same time, you’re able to have a better professional image with your colleagues. With your website, they feel easy about referring you to other people as they can visit your site beforehand.

3 / Communication


By providing a page of your frequently asked questions, you can eliminate miscommunication. With the repetition of assistants on directions, schedules and rates, it’s a lot of effort that can be reduced through your website. They are also sure to receive right information that’s direct and sure to be understood. They can also contact you through your contact page if they have other questions or have to schedule immediately.

4 / Patient Experience


If you want to go the next level and truly give your patience a better experience, you can think in advance and provide the documents they will need. This can range from downloadable patient forms to letting them pay their bills online along with patient portals. You can also record their medical history to let them easily access it for their convenience.

5  / Updated

Doctor Newsletter

If you want to take it even further and just have loyal customers refer you to everyone, you can actually make a newsletter. You can tell them about your new services and offerings. You can also insert some home tips they can do to be healthier to make it more engaging. This will let them feel that you truly care and are connected to your practice. With this, they are more likely to stay as they feel more important.

I’m busy enough, I don’t need it.

Some people may say that they already have so many referrals that they don’t need a website so they don’t make it a priority. This may be true in the beginning but as we progress, it is becoming evident that new doctors are arriving. They know the value of the internet so this referral may soon change drastically. There are many reasons why even a busy doctor needs a good website as a foundation of their internet presence.

You are also able to establish a better professional reputation as they are influenced by what you present if they have no clue as to who you are. Having zero online presence may send a negative image that you don’t care enough about. Be a pioneer in the Philippine medical industry and build one now.

Right now you’re probably thinking, well I need a website but I don’t know where to start. That’s where we can help you. EOI Digital specializes in creating great website landing pages among a lot of other great stuff. Sign up today and get started for as low as $449 a month!

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