What is Cherry Red? The Color Taking Over Social Media

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cherry red? 


If you’ve been living far, far away from social media trends, then chances are, you haven’t heard of these terms. But here’s why you need to know these aesthetics today. 

The internet is a place where subcultures can form almost overnight. And one of the most famous design trends on social media this year? The cherry red aesthetic. 

Before we start talking about the timeline, it’s important to note that the cherry color has always been a beloved icon on the internet. You can say it’s an “it girl’s” color even before it took over social media. 

The iconic red lip, red shoes, red nails—in one way or another, they’ve all been part of an iconic getup or an evergreen aesthetic. So it came as no surprise that there’s currency a resurgence of this shade of red this fall. 


So, what is cherry red anyway? 


As the name implies, the aesthetic is achieved when you incorporate cherry red items into your daily life. For most people, this means wearing outfits with red nails, red shoes, red purses, or any other small red detail. 

But to achieve a true blue cherry red aesthetic, you need to first choose the right shade of red.

To make it clear, a cherry red isn’t a true bright red. Instead, it’s more of a burgundy-like shade that’s more berry than crimson. When the aesthetic was taking off, the color was utilized as an accent to make an outfit have that pop of color. 

But as most trends are wont to do, the aesthetic has evolved to embody a sort of elegant, vampy, untouchable vibe. People with the cherry red vibe have a sensual and sophisticated aura about them. 

While it’s now way past fall, the style has evolved and transformed. Today, it’s also mixed and matched with other trending styles like corpcore, coquette, among others. 


What brands can learn from the trend

While most trends come and go fast, it’s no secret that red is a mainstay in the fashion cycles. For lifestyle brands who want to get closer to younger audiences, here are some actionable tips you can do to hop in on the trend. 

  • Incorporate cherries or the cherry red color to your feed
  • If possible, add cherry red to your product list

Here are some Instagram accounts of brands and creators who are killing the trend right now. 


1. Tom Ford

Red appeared in many fashion collections in the fall/winter 2023 season. Now, it’s even made its way to luxury perfume packaging. We think this burgundy one by Tom Ford is one of the best examples out there. 


2. Elska Atelier

The newest addition to this jewelry brand’s line of products You guessed it, cherry earrings.  While the brand mostly works with pearls and classic gold and silver designs, the addition of their long-stemmed cherry earrings adds a sophisticated yet still on-trend flair to their current product lineup. 


3. ChloDavie

Content creators were the ones who popularized the cherry red trend online. But if you to find an account that consistently makes good and creative content on the aesthetic, we think you should check out ChloDavie. 

But if you’re not operating in the field of fashion and lifestyle, there are still many things you can learn from internet-borne aesthetics like this. 


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