Importance of Packaging Design in Boosting Brand Awareness 

Having an ingenious way of designing product packaging can do wonders for your company especially when boosting brand awareness. 

Nowadays, packaging design is just as interesting as the product itself. After all, research shows that 74% of 18-25-year olds are likely to share an image of product packaging through social media; which is a highly effective way of increasing brand exposure. 

But before you get lost in visualizing how your packaging will properly represent your brand, make sure that these factors don’t get lost along the way: 


Main Functions of Packaging and Packaging Design

Importance of Packaging Design in Boosting Brand Awareness-DY Blog


1. Protection

The main purpose of packaging a product is to protect it from external forces. So a company should never sacrifice practicality and sturdiness for fashion

Having packaging design that can be stackable, or in the case of tubes or bottles, and easily arrangeable is always key to great packaging. Fenty Beauty’s way of making sure their lipsticks and other products don’t make a scattered mess in a beauty bag received a lot of praise and attention. 

Another example of not sacrificing practicality for fashion was when Louis Vuitton refused to follow the trend of designing trunks with a domed lid. This was so that rainwater would glide off easily. But this structural design made it hard to store trunks in trains so he decided to get creative with the materials used instead.


2. Information

Never take this aspect for granted, especially if yours is a hygiene product. Remember bathroom reading? 

Label readers are still a thing. So it’s okay to jampack your packaging with info not just about the product, but also a little about the company. This is a great way to express buyers, and label readers, more about your branding and company’s personality.

Of course, it’s also necessary to include all the necessary information on the packaging unless you want to personally experience McDonald’s coffee case. If not, then be sure to include everything from instructions, ingredients, nutrition facts, factory address, product ID, shelf-life, warnings and precautions, etc.


3. Differentiation

The whole point of putting effort into packaging design is so that buyers can immediately tell your product apart from competition. It has to be innovative in order to stand out and the key to do that is by having your own branding.

A great example of this is when Coconut Bliss decided to rebrand their whole packaging and logo design to suit their personality better.

Although buyers get that their previous shtick was supposed to be premium decadence—along with every other ice cream brand on the market—they decided to shirk that image away and instead opt for something bolder in terms of design. And it worked!



4. Attraction

It all boils down to attracting buyers to get them to finally buy the product. And what usually sells it is the overall message your branding imparts—aside from product quality and price. 

The design and the materials used in product packaging can convey the values and the advocacies upheld by your brand

Modern-day consumers pay close attention to companies since they have the luxury to choose from different manufacturers of the same product. Therefore, people will consistently buy from a company whose ideals align with theirs

So how can you make your packaging design reflect your brand values?


Boosting Brand Awareness Through Packaging Design

Importance of Packaging Design in Boosting Brand Awareness-DY Blog

1. What does your company advocate for? 

The passion and drive of the top management can be seen through their company values and social responsibility. More than just striving to earn a hefty income, each modern-day company is working towards something. It’s what your brand stands for—what it wants to change in society. 

One of DotYeti’s company values is joy. So in our virtual offices, our CEOs and creative heads fulfill that by removing the stress and anxiety that comes with labels and authority. Ours is a friendly and casual workplace where everyone is treated as an equal.

But it can also go beyond the workplace. Some examples of advocacies include:

  • LGBTQIA+ rights
  • Cultural diversity
  • Climate change
  • Awareness for specific illnesses
  • Conservation and animal rights
  • Education
  • Global hunger and poverty
  • Et cetera


2. Incorporate your message into the graphic design

The easiest way to gather attention for your brand is to have it be accompanied by loud and easily identifiable graphic design and illustration. Colors, fonts, illustrations and strong symbolism is a great way to differentiate your products from the bunch.

Having rainbow packaging to commemorate pride month is a good example if your brand advocates for LGBTQIA+ rights. Including other information such as how customers are aiding your cause through purchasing products, websites that can use donations, or a brief bio about your brand is also a great touch.


3. Be resourceful with the materials used and its structure

Using sustainable materials for your packaging in itself is already a great way to tell customers about your brand. If you’re curious about how your business can go green outside of resourceful packaging design, you can read our blog post here.

But it doesn’t have to be limited to green efforts. Having packaging that can be repurposed as children’s toys is also a genius idea. It’s all a matter of being creative enough to make it obvious for both adults and children. 

Whatever approach you choose to take for the materials used in packaging design is okay as long as it sends the right message and doesn’t leave a heaping carbon footprint. It’s best to stay on the safe side—unless you want activists giving you a bad rep for not thinking about the consequences your packaging might have on the environment.



Unlimited Graphic Designs with DotYeti 

Need a strong packaging design to boost your brand? DotYeti can help you with that and more.

Our Creative Yetis are dedicated to bringing you fresh and diverse ideas to fully set you apart from the competition. Check out our portfolio and case studies to see how our fantastic design platform has helped our clients grow. 

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