The 10 Best Mental Health Ads To Inspire You

We look back on the best mental health ads that have helped erase the stigma and start conversations. 


It’s not always the easiest to open up–even to those closest to you. With all that’s happening in the world, putting yourself and your needs first could feel shameful. 

And that’s why being reminded of the presence of people around you is always essential. 

Mental health awareness campaigns remind us that there’s always a helping hand for everybody. In this case, marketers and ads people have a vital role in making sure that these campaigns are told with sensitivity and care for other people’s well-being. 

With that, here are the top mental health ads to inspire you. 


1. GymShark – ‘Deload’ Barbershop

When it comes to men’s mental health, there’s definitely a lot more that we can do about it. Most men don’t have the space or the community to comfortably unload their mental health problems. In 2022, Gymshark opened up a pop-up barber shop where men can chat with mental health-trained barbers and receive a free haircut.  

Why it works

Campaigns should go beyond social media. The barbershop opened for a week, while Gymshark also hosted panel talks about men’s mental health. 


2. HeadSpace – Happier Holidays

We’ll just address the elephant in the room here. Not everyone’s jolly during the Christmas season. In fact, a lot of adults actually dread spending the holidays. This campaign validates the confusing–and often shameful–experience of feeling dread during the festive season. 

Why it works

It’s a topic that not a lot of mental health campaigns address–and a truth that not a lot of people want to hear. Headspace also launched sleepcasts and meditation guides to help people navigate their emotions. 


3. Jansport – Lighten the Load

The pre-teen and teen demographic are another demographic that typically faces mental issues. This campaign offers young people resources for different mental health support services. Jansport also partnered with Teenager Therapy, a podcast run by four teens, to further talk about self-esteem and isolation issues. 

Why it works

Putting young people at the heart of the conversation makes this Jansport a winning campaign in our book. We like how they partnered with actual teens to make their voices and perspectives heard. 


4. Decca Records – #youcancrychallenge

We already wrote about Megan Thee Stallion’s fabulous Traumazine album launch campaign. But before that, AURORA and her record label used the power of Tiktok to spread a mental health awareness message. Set to the lyrics of her song, The River, the campaign encouraged users to be more open with their sad emotions. 

Why it works

We like how this campaign used TikTok to reach a wider audience. It’s an excellent way for people to hop in on trends and really participate in the challenge. 


5. Ad Council – Seize The Awkward

The Seize The Awkward campaign has been running for quite some time now. But we want to give this a shoutout for featuring pop culture personalities–from Youtubers to music artists. Some of the people who have talked about their own mental health struggles: Markiplier, Amine, Billie Eilish, and more. 

Why it works

Artists are people too, and they have feelings just like the rest of us. Apart from that, it’s also pretty comforting to realize that your favorite artists have human emotions. 


6. Children’s Hospital Colorado – Break the Stigma

Because of their young age and continuing development, children often have a hard time understanding their thoughts and feelings. The conversations around mental health are also hush-hush. But it’s important for young kids to learn about their difficult and confusing emotions, which is why this campaign is excellent. 

Why it works

Not everyone is willing to admit it, but kids can have crises too. Having a short and easy video can help them navigate their feelings better. It also helps them understand that their feelings are valid. 


7. Acuvue – Where Vision Meets Sight

It’s no secret that social media plays a significant role in shaping our self-esteem and confidence. For a generation that grew up online, it’s hard to separate yourself from online discourse and personas and focus on building positive relationships in real life. Acuvue’s campaign mixes two seemingly separate issues into one impactful campaign. 

Why it works

Spending long hours on your phone can dry out your eyes, while excessive social media use is just not ideal for mental health. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. 


8. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Talk Away The Dark

Community and friendship are one of the best ways to prevent worsening mental health issues. And while it’s easy to say that we love and care about our family, it can be awkward to start conversations about mental health. This campaign shows that with a little effort and grace, we can talk away the dark.

Why it works

This campaign is subtle with its storytelling, and the details are what makes this ad so impactful. We like how this ad doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to showing the message: it’s not always easy to approach your family and talk about mental health. 


9. Mind – Spoken Word Poetry

People going through a mental health crisis usually don’t know they’re going through a crisis. Mind’s spoken word poetry campaign helps viewers understand more clearly the emotions, feelings, and perspectives of people through spoken word narration. 

Why it works

Most campaigns don’t go the creative route, but we like how this ad used poetry to illustrate the experiences of people struggling with mental health. The ad is more emotionally charged and really sticks with you for a long time. 


10. Prega News – Your Second Home

There’s definitely more than we can do when it comes to championing women in the workplace. This insightful ad by Prega News shows a career woman going through postpartum depression in the workplace. 

Why it works

The ad shows that the workplace can be a safe space for us to work through our mental health issues. With the support of co-workers and managers, people can better tackle their personal concerns. 

And there you have it, the best mental health ads that you can learn from.


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