The Best Canva Logo Maker Alternatives in 2024

Are you looking for a reliable Canva logo maker alternative? We’ve got recommendations for you–and they’re absolutely free!


For most entrepreneurs, the creative vision for their brand is encapsulated within a logo design. It’s an integral piece of your brand identity that must speak to your customers instantly. 

That’s why we know just how much small businesses need the expertise of graphic designers out there. But what happens when you just want to whip up a few samples and play around with logo ideas first? 

Well, we’ve got some fantastic Canva logo maker alternatives for you. 


Can you make logos in Canva? 

But first, what can you do on the platform? Canva has a library of logo templates for different styles and niches. You can further customize your color palette and typography for a more unique look. 

Plus, they also have a handy stock of free icons and illustrations with pre-determined combinations that you can put to good use. Finally, they also offer product mockups for your new logo.


1. DesignMatic

Want to try using AI tools in your logo creation project? DesignMatic has an easy and free logo maker that can solve that problem. Simply enter your company name, select your industry, and select from their pre-made logo templates. 

DesignMatic’s logos are customizable, but you would have to pay a nominal fee to download them in high resolution. 


2. VistaCreate

VistaCreate is another strong Canva logo maker alternative. They’re also a design platform that has a media library with over a million royalty-free images and elements you can use. Like Canva, you can choose from pre-made templates and make minor tweaks. 

They will even let you add music for the extra personal touch. You have to sign up and create an account to download your logo with VistaCreate. 


3. Snappa

When looking for a quick logo design tool, you ou also can’t go wrong with Snappa. This graphic design software helps small businesses create high-quality design projects quickly. They have plenty of design templates, stock photos, icons, vectors, and other effects. 

Snappa is free for three downloads or shares a month. You can upgrade for $15 a month to unlock unlimited downloads and a Buffer integration. 


4. Easil

Meanwhile, Easil is another free design tool you can use without any strings attached. Like other design software, Easil has a drag-and-drop system for quick and stress-free design ideation. 

They have pre-designed templates and a stock library available on the platform. Apart from that though, they also offer a design approval workflow that’s handy for big marketing teams. 


5. Adobe Express

If you’re already familiar with Adobe, then you should definitely consider creating free logos in Adobe Express. Get free templates that are ready to go after a few customizations. The best part about them is that they have a Free Plan that lets you use over 2,000 unique Adobe fonts. 

Oh, and did we mention that Adobe Express also has a mobile version? Their free logo maker is definitely a must-try for small business owners. 


6. Venngage

Want a unique logo look using an eye-catching icon? Venggage has 40,000 icons in various styles to fit your brand’s specific design niche. If you don’t have an idea of your ideal logo look, then you are free to choose from their pre-designed templates. 

Download your free logo in various formats and even share your logo project with your team members to get feedback!



Now, you’re probably more familiar with BeFunky as a photo editor tool, but you can also try BeFunky’s Graphic Designer software. Here, you can create banners, flyers, posters, social media graphics, and more. 

While they don’t have specific templates for logo creation, you can choose from their elements and logo icons.

8. Looka

Looka is another free logo maker that uses AI tech to bring your company’s logo to life. Simply input your company name and choose from their generated designs. From there, feel free to explore iterations of the design by changing colors, layout, and other elements. 

Looka’s Brand Kit subscription allows you to download more than 15 different versions of your logo, in various file formats. 


9. BrandCrowd

On the other hand, BrandCrowd is another AI-powered graphic design tool. Here, you can generate logo designs after inputting your business name. Tweak colors, text effects, and elements and you may be good to go!

BrandCrowd is great for brands that are looking for a logo with words and an icon. While you won’t be able to get super unique designs, this might be a handy tool for you to get your juices flowing. 


10. Shopify

Yes, you read that right, Shopify. They actually have a custom logo maker through Hatchful, where they have hundreds of pre-made logo designs for customizations. They have hundreds of logos for food, health, service, and the fashion industry.

Hatchful is a great tool to use if you’re already working inside Shopify’s worksites. Aside from custom logos, they also allow custom design projects for social media. 


[Bonus] DotYeti’s Subscription-Based Graphic Design Service

If you want high-quality creative work that’s outsourced to professionals, then DotYeti is your best bet. Their graphic design subscription model lets you splurge on unlimited design that’s great for businesses that are ready to scale. 

Want a unique visual identity that will separate you from the competition? You can get dedicated designers experienced with branding and logo design! 

They’re also extremely dedicated to giving you the best graphic design experience–with onboarding and account managers ready to answer your queries.

Start your limitless design journey today! Find out how you can get started with DotYeti today. 

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