10 Graphic Design Website Portfolios That Rock

When done right, a graphic design portfolio website can make your design journey so much easier. You’ll get potential clients, a gallery of professional work, and an awesome website to call yours. The problem? Unless you’re using a template, a portfolio takes a while to put together. 

When you throw the design aspect into the mix, it gets even more confusing. Not to mention time-consuming. If you’re not sure how to go about it, this must-read design guide will help you learn the ropes.


Graphic Design Portfolio Website Examples To Spark Your Imagination

The best web portfolios don’t feel templated. Instead, they use a variety of techniques to appeal to their audience. 

On one hand, you can make your case with a strong user experience and design. Layout and motion are important elements you can leverage to your favor. However, some artists prefer to appeal using their color palette and typography. Using the same elements, you can reference your personal brand through repetition.  


1. Pawel Nolbert

Aside from Pawel Nolbert’s striking paint aesthetic, his portfolio will greet your eyes first. You can see how he has positioned his work so that colors slightly reference each other as you scroll down. It’s a great way to show that you have a strong personal design style.  

2. Aries Moross

If you want to go the edgy and modern route, follow in the footsteps of Aries Moross. In their portfolio, street and hype designs are laid out in seemingly random areas and even placed on top of each other. It’s a welcome treat to the eye, and a good reference to their punk aesthetic. 

3. Maria Marie

If you want to emphasize your brand identity, it’s best to look up to Maria Marie. From her home page to her portfolio, you’ll get an unmistakable pastel color palette. Anything from light pinks, lilacs, yellows, and greens–she’s got it. Her consistency really pays off.

4. Ryan Askins

Meanwhile, Ryan Askins is keen on riding the anti-design wave. Be overwhelmed with his intentionally abrasive design choices–loud fonts, contrasting colors, moving elements, and more. Rather than showing off his work, you’ll be more immersed in his design choices–which is really just a way for you to keep exploring his site. 

graphic design portfolio website

5. Brandon Perez

A good way to make your mark as a graphic designer is through repetition. If you want to be remembered, it’s always a good idea to reinforce your brand. Brandon Perez does an amazing job of designing his graphic design website portfolio using this strategy. With his green text borders over a gray graphite background.  

6. Tobias van Schneider

However, if you don’t want to be boxed into one style, you need to see how Tobias Van Schneider made his portfolio. It’s comprised of various aesthetic elements. Not only that, but he also frequently changes his typography, background, and other assets. It’s proof that creative work doesn’t always need to play by the rules. 

7. Alex Trochut

Are you a multimedia graphic designer with lots of projects under your belt? It can be challenging to show your work without confusing the audience. Thankfully, this portfolio by Alex Trochut gets it done in a clean and user-friendly way. Each of his projects contains tags and is separated into columns, so you can easily navigate the site. 

graphic design portfolio website

8. Victor Valiente 

Meanwhile, if you’re a motion graphic designer, you can take some cues from Victor Valiente. His site is filled with short video clips of his work, but it’s his design choices that really pop. The ingenious use of yellow borders with his 3D-rendered motion designs really brings out the dash of playfulness his art embodies. 

9. Raul Urias

Raul Urias has a striking visual style that will take your breath away. But what makes his web portfolio so effective is his choice to fill your whole screen with his artwork–a visual tapestry at its finest. He also separates his work projects from his personal ones, something more designers should do. 

graphic design portfolio website

10. PinkPonyCreative

Finally, we have the design tour de force that is PinkPonyCreative. Aside from its use of bright pink, it’s also a master class in introducing your projects without overwhelming your audience. With every project, you get a sneak peek at what it’s about to save you more time. 

graphic design portfolio website


Tips To Make A Portfolio That Lands Clients

Now you’ve seen great graphic design portfolio website examples. But if you don’t know what else to add to your graphic design website portfolio, you’ve come to the right place. We’re also letting you in on awesome tips to get your site noticed. 


Make a case study

Case studies are a great way to pick a designer’s brain. If you want to tell more about your process, it pays to explain your design journey for a project or two. Your future clients may find your process interesting.  

Add your experience

Most designers often forget to introduce themselves. But it’s imperative to let people know your work experience and educational background. Remember: you’re a person before you’re an artist. People want to know more about the person behind the design. 

Mix up your gallery

It’s also extremely important to add variety to your portfolios. Have you done packaging for brands, illustrations, and book covers? Your audience wants to know! Mixing up your gallery can indicate that you’re a flexible designer with various talents. 

Mind the details

Finally, any designer worth their salt should know that the devil is in the details. Little things like the favicon, your alt text, and captions can make or break your site’s bounce rate. Try to polish your portfolio as much as possible and make sure you leave no stone unturned before you publish. 

Consider a blog

Blogging isn’t for everyone, but if you want to optimize your site, this is one of the best strategies to take. You can write about your works, and inspirations, or just give insights as a designer. 


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