Top 8 Graphic Design Trends in 2022: What Will and Won’t Make It

Graphic design continues to play a pivotal role in the success of marketing and branding campaigns worldwide. The reason is simple. Regardless of how important your message, unless it’s framed and communicated in the right way, it will fall on deaf ears. Therefore, graphic design trends extend beyond the creative industry. In fact, decision makers in marketing, product, sales and leadership teams are keeping their ears to the ground. They’re eager to know which graphic design trends in 2022 will or won’t make it. 


And as the world picks up momentum after years of lockdowns, there’s never been a more invigorating time in graphic design. Next year promises to be full of innovative designs and classic styles that have been given a second life. It’s important to explore the top 8 graphic design trends in 2022 to prepare next year’s marketing materials.


So here are our picks for the top 8 graphic design trends in 2022!


Trend #1: Inclusiveness

This is a trend that we’ve seen pick up speed over the years. And it’ll continue gaining strength in 2022. The best designs speak to people of all cultures, backgrounds and identities. These days, people are much more likely to connect with a brand that they feel resonates with their values and celebrates them. On the other hand, design that appears insensitive will experience swift backlash. It’s important that graphic designers constantly evaluate the inclusiveness of their designs. In addition, portraying diversity also shines a good light on the company by highlighting their progressive attitudes. 


Trend #2: Motion Graphics

Motion graphics vs static ads- which one wins? Well, we can probably predict a clear winner in 2022. Motion graphics extend to GIFs, videos, cinemagraphs and animations. And studies have shown that ads with motion can rack up to 55% more engagement than static ads. In addition, 87% of marketers say that motion graphics have directly increased sales. This is because as users are scrolling through their news feed, you only have a millisecond to capture their attention. It’s part of our evolutionary behavior to notice small movements, therefore a strategically placed GIF will likely cause the user to pause and review your ad. The exciting visuals will also work to add energy to mundane topics and improve storytelling. 


Nevertheless, don’t be quick to discount static ads! If you have a simple message and CTA to communicate, then a static ad may be the most efficient way to drive traffic down the purchase funnel. 


Trend #3: Playful Typography


In 2022, we’re expecting typography to push the boundaries of expression through lettering. Playful typography, along with graphics, are an excellent way to connect with target audiences and convey a certain emotion. While classic fonts are a great way to exude elegance and professionalism, playful typography is great for brands looking to stand out from the crowd. 


Trend #4: Vibrant Maximalism


After years of lockdown, graphic designers are ready to express their creativity. And there’s no better way to do this than by going all out on color and patterns. This is an opportunity for creatives to portray their different tastes and palettes. But this doesn’t mean a careless approach and simply filling up space for the sake of it. Instead, graphic designers and marketers work closely to thoughtfully place elements to create a design that you simply cannot ignore because of its vibrant energy. This trend is about moving away from order and symmetry towards a celebration of joy and the creator economy being shaped by digital natives. 


Trend #5: Retro Nostalgia


The 90s nostalgia finds a home among Generation Z social media-savvy influencers. Using platforms such as TikTok to make viral content, they’re able to quickly shape cultural conversations. And we predict a comeback for the 90s in 2022. Things like bright color blocks, simple emojis and meme aesthetics provide a sense of familiarity and comfort. We connect with the old school look and memories of simpler times. 


Trend #6: Eco-aesthetics


Our relationship with the planet has never been more important. As we search for ways to reduce our negative impact on the environment, the products that we choose to purchase should also embody these values. A graphic design trend that we predict to continue strongly into 2022 is eco-aesthetics. That is, designs that highlight a commitment to sustainability and environmental activism. People want to know what they are using isn’t leaving behind a negative footprint. Therefore, graphic designers should try to incorporate a feeling of balance instead of overconsumption and blatant marketing in their creations. 


Trend #7: Data Visualization



Data enables us to better understand situations and how we can take action. However, data visualization is critical to getting the right information across. Furthermore, good data visualization simplifies complex information and makes it easily digestible. Therefore, empowering the reader to take action. Creative people are turning to infographics to efficiently highlight important numbers and explain their meaning. We expect data visualization to be a major trend in 2022 as we handle more and more data. 


Trend #8: Illustrations and Doodles

The illustration and doodles trend is further establishing itself as a powerful force in 2022. People are looking for character and individualism. They’re moving away from cookie-cutter brands and searching for something new and different. Illustrations and doodles are some of the most effective ways to express creativity. In particular, freeform drawings feel more authentic and less corporate. They’ve been proven to drive up engagement and improve brand recognition thanks to their joyful and charming appeal. 

Prepare for 2022 with DotYeti


2022 is fast approaching. And it’s important that you’re ready to launch your campaigns once the holidays are over. The graphic design trends of 2022 will continue to evolve and crop up in more and more marketing materials. Furthermore, having graphics that feel refreshingly on trend and part of the cultural conversation will drive significant results. If you’re looking to get on-brand on-trend graphics for 2022, DotYeti can give you the reliable creative support you deserve,


Our unlimited graphic design plans are subscription-based and come with your own dedicated creative team. This includes a dedicated designer, art director and account manager- all starting from $449/month. Easily cancel or upgrade your plan to suit your creative needs and rest assured that we’ll get your work delivered on time so you can launch your 2022 campaigns. All our designers go through rigorous training to ensure that they’re always on top of the latest trends and can anticipate what’s just around the corner.


We excited to see what 2022 holds in the creative marketing space. Life would be boring if every year was the same as the previous, so we’re grateful to be part of an industry that thrives on change and disruptive creativity.


Check out our portfolio to see the best of the best works we’ve delivered for diverse international clients.




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