Web Design Course for People with Hearing Loss: Become a Professional UX Designer!

We’re launching our first-ever online course on web design

UX design is one of the most sought-after careers in the creative industry. It takes a specific skill set to execute this on a professional level—especially the backend work like coding. 

But designing, on the other hand, only takes creativity and heart. And that’s where our web design course can help you the most!

DotYeti made this web design course especially for individuals with hearing loss who wish to enter the UX Design industry. But is also accessible by everyone through the provided subtitles.

So if you want to take your first step towards becoming a web designer, DotYeti has the perfect streamlined and comprehensive roadmap for you.



Your New Instructor: Marvin Velasco

Marvin Velasco is DotYeti’s Senior UX Designer. He graduated from one of the top-ranking universities in the Philippines with a Degree in Bachelor of Applied Deaf Studies specialized in Computer Graphic Arts and Technology. 

He lost his hearing at a young age; which only encouraged him further to pursue visual arts as a career. 

His knowledge in design stems from years of experience and his passion for communication and self-expression.

One of the websites he designed is for a marketing agency EOI Digital. He has also worked with local brand giants like Jollibee and Greenwich as well as other international clients through his work in DotYeti.



What You’ll Learn from this Course from DotYeti

Marvin will be walking you through the basics of web design in industry-standard software applications. Particularly in Sketch and InVision.

There are 4 major topics discussed in this course: 

  • How to use the most popular features of Sketch and InVision
  • Creating wireframes
  • Designing highly converting web pages
  • How to design your own website

It also covers topics from Marvin’s own professional experience like leveraging hearing loss to your advantage, aligning with clients, and debriefing your projects in a constructive manner.


Course’s Outline and What it Covers in Each Lesson

The course has a total of 36 videos for students to learn from. To give you a clearer idea of the course contents, here’s a sneak peek of the syllabus:

  • Introduction to Sketch: All about the nifty, powerful design tool Sketch and how it’s used to design beautiful web pages.
  • Why pros use Sketch: Why are forward-thinking web designers breaking up with Photoshop and moving on with Sketch?
  • Software tools: Set up layer grids, navigate layers, create vector shapes, do freehand drawings, and mask images using software tools.
  • How to design a style: Using shapes, colors, contrast, shadows, blur, and text to create a style that is true to the client’s brand.
  • Finalizing and preparing your design: What to look out for when it’s time to export a layer with the image, text, background, and logo.
  • Syncing to InVision: Steps to follow when syncing your artboard to InVision.
  • Introduction to InVision: InVision is used to create prototypes of responsive designs for desktops, mobile apps, and iPads.
  • Why pros use InVision: Does it have something to do with its amazing ability in testing responsive designs for different screen sizes?
  • Sync from Sketch to InVision: How to use a certain plugin to safely sync from Sketch to InVision.
  • How to create a new prototype and use different modes: This includes build, preview, comment, and inspect.
  • Web desktop functions: Create dropdown menus, fix headers and footers, and more.
  • Mobile functions: Add gestures and transitions, create a hamburger menu, view prototypes, and more.

This is only a summary of the topics covered in the course. For more information about the course, tune in to our socials for announcements!



The End Result: You’ll Become a Professional Web Designer!

As the world moves more into digital forms of communication, there is an increased need for people who can create professional websites. 

By learning to design a website, you will be able to help businesses advertise online, build a portfolio of work, and create a personal brand

There are many ways to achieve success as a professional website designer, but they all require hard work and dedication. And when you’ve got your portfolio and brand, it’s time to turn that into an amazing career!


Unlimited Opportunities with DotYeti

DotYeti is an unlimited graphic design agency that offers companies of all sizes an on-demand team of graphic designers. Complete with an art director, and an account manager all without the hefty expenses of hiring in-house. 

You can be part of a vibrant community of creatives who care about your professional and individual growth with us. If you’re looking for careers in the creative industry, check out our careers page today!

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